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  1. The mod installs ok for me and I followed the trouble shoot guide but it doesnt seem that I can remove haze. Dropping it to 0 still makes no difference in game
  2. It's amazing how turning into the notch and giving the missile your broadside (and highest possible RCS) results in it losing track and giving up.
  3. But it's solved! ED simply won't respond until they're ridiculed by the community on Hoggit and YouTube. Only then might we get a "We're sorry its such a cringefest" video by Nick Grey and he kicks the Devs into fixing it.
  4. 120s are pure hot garbage right now.
  5. Hi, As good as brand new condition MFC-1 Blackbird chair with side Joystick/Hotas mount, centre Joystick/Hotas mount, Mouse extension and 2x swivel adaptors. Bought for £910 (including shipping and tax). UK only. £700. Reduced to £600
  6. Thanks for the explanation Ironmike and HBs continued work! On the basis that HB haven't changed the ECCM and notch resistance for any of the 54 variants may I now draw your attention to the other 800lb gorilla in the room...namely that 54 is not only much more difficult to notch at low altitudes once active than the 120, but it also is much more likely to re-acquire. I dont have hard data on absolute notch resistance and ECCM capabilities. But if we accept that the 54A seeker is analogue, and was superceded by the digital seeker in the 54C, which itself formed the basis of the 120A seeker, which again was superceded by the 120B and then 120C variants, then it cant be right that a 54A is harder to notch (and keep notched) than a 120C5 decades newer and more advanced. The 54 is 50 years old now and has long since been replaced by the 120 for Air superiority and fleet defence duties, yet it is still the most dangerous within respective NEZ. Thanks again.
  7. 64th and associates Aircraft: Mig21, F5, Viggen Maps: Caucasus and Marianas
  8. I had the same exact experience almost. Sadly Nvidia is far ahead in DCS VR.
  9. I had the same experience going from a 6900xt to a 3080ti with a reverb G2. Barring smoke trails, which are much more visible with AMD cards, the experience is much much better with a 3080ti
  10. Callsign <64>Rage Aircraft Mig21 Supercarrier Yes
  11. Thanks guys, fun event!
  12. I can only agree, switching from 6800xt to 3080ti myself.
  13. 4 matches being streamed live this weekend. Today 1900z TORO vs BRAVO - Deliverator with Titanfire Saturday 1900z MCPV vs No15 - TitanFire Sunday 1900z Ala15 vs SF - Maverick Sunday 1900z Bravo vs D3W - HerraMisi Tune in and enjoy the show!
  14. Well, we cant please everyone, but its nice to see everyone, even non participants, supporting the streams!
  15. Today's match 104th vs GR will be streamed by: https://www.twitch.tv/lowblowttv at 1900z Tune in, should be a good one!
  16. I got drastically better frametimes and smoothness going from a 6800xt to a 3080ti. Frametimes dropped from 25-26ms to 17-18ms in my various DCS benchmarks. Only downside is you get better (more visible) aircraft smoke/exhaust effects with AMD cards.
  17. Thank you. Sorted. Why on earth round they hide it away like that?
  18. Hi. I have a Reverb G2, Nvidia 3080ti, 8600K@5ghz. Im getting reasonable frames at 50-60fps with frametimes ~17-18ms. Id like to force reprojection on to get a stable 45 but no matter what option I choose in the application specific settings for DCS in Steam VR the FPS is always fluctuating. Im using FPSVR to monitor. Any Ideas?
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