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  1. Surprised you've had no responses to this! Perhaps you could add more info about DCS settings, any overclocks, etc? Folks on here prefer it if you add a little detail to help understand issues. I'm not claiming to have the answer, but it could be the PC is throttling performance to manage the temps of the GPU. 76 deg C seems slightly higher than my expectation, but I don't have the Ti. Check in Nvidia CP 3d settings what setting is used for "power management mode". Normally you want to set for max performance, but if it's set for optimal power that may explain what you're experiencing. If it is set for optimal power, then it's a warning about your temps. Your specs are better than mine, so I would suspect OC or poor cooling is your root problem, but that's pure speculation.
  2. I think you got all the info you needed in BitMaster's post, but FWIW I was seeing 99% RAM usage on 32GB in Syria in SP. Added another 32GB, it never goes above 67%, again SP (mostly with Apache).
  3. I'm not on the DCS PC to screenshot, but pretty much the same as Tactical Pascale's Youtube guide, plus multiple others. VSync = Fast and VR Render = 3 frames, texture quality = performance are the ones I can remember. Most others are at default I think in OTT setting 30Hz keeps ASW off, just fixes frames to 27fps in DCS. With ASW Auto or 45Hz (forced) it looks horrible, like double vision effect when turning head. But with 30Hz or 45Hz it's smooth, and at 30Hz with apache it's stable and smooth at 27fps on Syria. Despite the fps, the refresh is much higher (60Hz I guess) and it doesn't look like watching a movie - it looks almost as good as 45Hz but without the performance overheads the WIP apache brings. I only need the 30Hz for Syria and Marianas for APache. Other maps/modules are fine, with GPU usage and memory quite low in comparison (with high textures) though I've not conducted much study. For me it's a fair compromise until more optimisation is made in the DCS code
  4. I found ASW to 30Hz in OTT means I can maintain High Textures and MSAA x2 for the Apache in Syria and Marianas. All my other modules are OK with 45Hz even in Syria, but the Apache (though I appreciate WIP) is a hog and I was reducing texture and MSAA initially to make it stop stuttering. I tried 30Hz and it's fine without any real compromise of visual
  5. I just completed this campaign, great work @Sedlo really!! I quite liked the short missions, seeing as the Harrier is meant to be CAS aircraft close to the action it felt right. I think the Dodge 11 voice was great, maybe could do with a few of your mates to chip in with the other voices!! In mission 10 I changed the 4x LAMV to 1x LMV2 and 1x IRMV as you can't self lase the LMAV with TPOD, and added some rocket pods after finding out I couldn't fire the LMAVs. Otherwise had lots of good fun, and that's what DCS is all about.
  6. Are you asking ground crew to remove the wheel chocks first? They're placed at the start of this mission, it's a cold/dark start
  7. I found this thread as I'm querying the blast damage that Mk-83 do. Let me explain. I was doing a mission in AV-8B campaign "Operation Broken Cauldron" by Gunnar81, where I am required to drop 4x Mk-83 on a fuel dump at night using CCIP in a single pass. I dropped all 4 bombs with INST fuzing and 10 ft spacing at what I thought was a good point (it's difficult to see exactly the fuel tanks which I guess is the challenge) but did not score a hit on the fuel. When I looked back on it, the bombs hit the ground about maybe 40 feet (at a guess) short. A couple of nearby trucks were damaged, but the basic looking fuel tanks were unscathed. So that's 4000lbs of high explosive going off about 40 feet away, and no damage caused to some flimsy fuel tanks. I find that hard to believe.
  8. It's mission 12. I've just tried it with penetrator JDAMs 2000lb with 5ms delay 90 degree IA and 4 direct hits from 26,000ft (I jump into 'Pedro' after dropping 'Viper's' load) only 1 dump is destroyed! I appreciate the reply, and hope your PC is not on the Ever Given! I'll keep trying, I'm sure it'll happen
  9. Thanks for this campaign, but in the mission requiring the destruction of the 2 ammo dumps with GBU-10s (sorry I don't recall exact mission number, but it's around mission 10-12) I am getting good direct hits but not always getting total destruction of the dumps. I might destroy the first and not the second, and commanding wingman to hit the primary target he will also get good hits but the mission is not succeeding. I am creating waypoints based on exact L/L co-ords from the map display and can see the ammo dumps on the TGP, so I know it's the right targets. TGP 'crosshair' on Point mode is dead centre of the ammo dump every time. Laser code 1688 and lasing with 20s to go. I can confirm I am hitting them, just seems random whether they are destroyed. Happy to keep trying, just want to get past it!
  10. Love it! Thanks for the inclusion in 2.7. Just like the real thing I've seen in the videos! Loads of false pickups just like the real jet
  11. Just upgraded to 2.7. I have exactly the same issue here with Rift S hand controllers. Lasers gone, tool tip shows, cross outside the cockpit
  12. Just tried this mission for the first time as SP, looks very good. I have "easy communications" disabled usually, and I don't seem able to get my flight to hear me on Comm1 CH1 249.00 AM which is the set freq for my ship according to mission editor. Has anyone else had this in SP too?
  13. I would say yes, the min/recommended/VR requirements are listed on the DCS download page https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/stable/
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