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  1. That makes sense thank you for the explanation
  2. I tried the new experimental spo-10 in multiplayer and I don’t see any difference to the behavior it did before. When I was locked up all four lights came on and I had no indication of the direction the source was coming from. Am I doing something wrong? The experimental box is checked. :helpsmilie:
  3. This may help. I don't have a track of it but these fellas look like they have identified it.
  4. I am also having the crashing on start up. When you request ground air supply it crashes to desktop. This has occurred since the 6-5-2019 update.
  5. Thank you very much for walking me thru this issue... This has fixed my problem... Appreciate the help
  6. I am not sure I under stand this part... So the miz file for the new mission then change that to a zip? I was able to change the mission to a Zip in the Mission editor... then open it outside and make the changes to the warehouses form my new mission... However how do I get the My old mission.Zip back into the mission editor with my changes... it is a Zip file not a Miz file?
  7. When I go into the warehouse it goes from AGM-65E to AGM-65G Maverick. This is a mission that was built prior to the release of the AGM-65F. I have saved the mission since the update but the 65Fs are still not available. help!!!
  8. I am getting a flickering effect... like a strobe. since the update both offline and in Multiplayer
  9. On startup change the INS switch too NAV behind the stick on the lower front panel.
  10. Thanks I figured it had been incountered I just wasn’t seeing it A side note for Joey45’s link. The fix is on page 8 post #77.
  11. since the 2.5.1 update, I am getting a Metadata Build Error when trying to load into both Mission builder or MP missions. Below is a screen shot of the error. Does anyone know what is causing this or what I need to do to fix this issue?
  12. Taking off from a farp may be better done on the return trip after ordinance has been spent. You can experiment using the mission editor to find out how much ordinance you can carry and fuel quantity. You can select the amount to stay under 20,000 pounds and then go in game to find out how much that percentage is in cockpit.
  13. when your in a hot area I try to shoot on the move. Fire and keep moving.... you are harder to hit with a tow round or a tank round if you are moving.
  14. Ok great job Devrim and Ramsay your talking it out did it. The problem is with the axis assignments. I completely removed the axis assignments from the fuel control lever and the Auto Hover now works. However I would think though this might be something a gazelle pilot would want to map to an axis. Do you know if there is an adjustment that can assure 100% on the Fuel Control Lever? or might this be a bug with the system? or maybe a bug with the joystick... is there anyone else who has mapped their fuel control lever to an axis who can still use auto hover? If its a joystick problem that's understandable. I own the Saitek X-56 I have never had issues with any of the controls before with this stick. Thanks again for your help... and the great support. I uploaded a new track file with my success. 20180214.trk
  15. Interesting stuff. Ok time for some experimentation... I got a new stick about a month ago and it has more axisises than I had before. I did assign an axis I to the fuel control lever.
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