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  1. Auf einer Virpil WarBRD Base.
  2. Wer die Lieferzeiten nicht abwarten will: Verkaufe meinen nagelneuen unbenutzten Virpil VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip. Neupreis €159,95 - von mir für €130.- bei Abholung Nähe Erding oder zzgl. Versandkosten. Verkauft.
  3. Oh, I see... - you mean like taking intellectual property from an ongoing vJaBoG32 project and continuing with an unauthorized release under your new squad name while retaining all old errors in the content is swiss made quality... Looks more like chinese or gangnam style to me.:thumbup: (no international or racist pun intended) No, earnestly, Schleudersitz deserves maximum credit for his work as the sole superb CAD artist and for a limited time as well editor-in-chief of the vJaBoG32 chart project. That he decided to take the files with him upon his departure from the squad was a selfish decision that severely hurt the project. Since then remaining project members and artists have invested hundreds of hours to improve and correct the old versions whereas your new version retains old procedural errors. If I recall correctly, the chart version that ED published in the doc folder of first the A-10C and later DCSW before v1.2.5 read "copyright vJaBoG32". Now who removed that?:music_whistling: Cheap and disgraceful, down to the alteration of his starting post in this topic which was a former official vJaBoG32 announcement from 2011, more than a year before 10thGF even existed... Anyway, this is not intended to be a flame war, I do not speak for vJaBoG32, I only link to their release. There is no conflict between the two squads. Having those charts from either source is good for the community, having a little competition in the topic is maybe good as well. 10th Gunfighters is already doing so many great things for this community, like Bosshog's great radar and radio tools and all the other great stuff at ariescon.com. It should be below your dignity to brag about re-releases of other people's intellectual property, IMHO. As I said, no flamewar intended. As for the judgement of content and people, I leave that to the strong sense for quality and honor of this community. If I think about it again, maybe a combined effort of both squads would be best for the future, better even than two competing chart projects... OMG, please keep cool and civilized everyone, or this thread is so getting closed...:megalol: Whereas it should rather be a collection of constructive feedback. Well, at least I tried... :pilotfly:
  4. Finally, the original is back again: Link
  5. I'm curious how the existence of two parallel flight models for the same aircraft will work out regarding multiplayer... Example question: If I as a mission builder / server host want to have all fighter clients use the same flight model for difficulty fairness, do I get the option to ban the use of the easier / harder flight model?
  6. My heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Meeting and staying in contact with Dee and Jim was one of the most valuable rewards I got from being in this hobby and community. I was very sorry for him when he notified me of her having passed away and looked forward very much to meeting him again. Now I'll just have to wait a bit longer and I'm taking comfort from believing that he rejoined his beloved Dee. "Holding Hands"
  7. All you guys wishing for an in-pit music player have watched "Iron Eagle" way too often...! :pilotfly:
  8. Yes, from the developers' point of view. Yes, but only if you also want to be able to play on dedicated FC2 servers. No.
  9. Concur. Great initiative, gents! Word spread. :thumbsup:
  10. Falls jemand es im englischen Forumsteil uebersehen hat, bald ist es wieder so weit: Lowland Tiger Meet 2011 07. - 10. April, Tobit.Campus, Ahaus, Deutschland http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=66286 Impressionen vom letzten Jahr: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=49691&highlight=lltm
  11. Beim vJaBoG32 haben sich Regeln, Ablaeufe und Strukturen deutlich veraendert. Bei Interesse: Link zur News http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=news&news=310
  12. Yes, good point, thanks! I know the additional stuff is a little "off topic", so it would probably be better to change the header of those latter pages... Any suggestions?
  13. We updated our LockOn checklists for use with FC2 and happily share them with the community, just like the old ones...: http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=downloads&subcat=37&file=1166&lang=en The checklists, to-do-lists and workflow items are of a generic type and can be used with all FC2 flyables. Main updates are FC2 key-commands and addition of some FAC stuff from Andy Bush's Hog Tactics article on SimHQ. Feedback and typo reports welcome!
  14. Unfortunately, it's a buggy feature or whatever you like to call it... The hangar floor is not calculated as an aerodrome manoeuvering area but as unpaved soil. Basically, the game thinks you want to taxi on grass or mud and raises the rolling resistance. Therefore you need more thrust to overcome this. Once you have left the hangar, the game finally sees you on paved ground and everything gets normal again. So don't forget to cut your throttles and prepare to brake as neccessary once your main wheels make the transition from (*cough* buggy) hangar floor to taxiway...
  15. Jeder hier hat ein bißchen Recht, das Wichtigste ist jedoch, dass man openminded bleibt und den eigenen beschränkten Horizont nicht als der Weisheit letzter Schluß ansieht. Ich habe bisher noch nie von einem Flugzeug gehört, bei dem man eine automatische Anlasssequenz beider Triebwerke (natürlich nacheinander) mit einem einzigen Knopfdruck startet. Genauso geht es anscheinend dem Preussen... Die MiG-29 hat allerdings genau so einen Startmodus und gut vorstellen kann ich es mir auch, da der Trend im Cockpit-HMI-Design immer zur Vereinfachung geht. So hat z.B. der Eurofighter in seinen Sidepanels mechanische Hebelkonstruktionen, mit denen man ganze Toggleswitch-Reihen, die vielleicht beim Startup noch einzeln betätigt werden müssen, für einen schnelleren Shutdown im Dutzend mit nur einer Hebelbewegung wieder auf OFF setzen kann. (vgl. Bildchen im Anhang; Quelle: http://typhoon.starstreak.net/Eurofighter/cockpit.html ) Für GreyHead, der nie an was anderem als ner MiG rumgeschraubt hat, ist dieser außergewöhnlich seltene Startmodus das Normalste von der Welt, weil er es nur so kennt. Deshalb redet man hier leider teilweise aneinander vorbei. Wir halten fest: - der echte automatische Startmodus der MiG-29 ist in LockOn nicht simuliert, wäre aber sehr leicht zu programmieren. - in LockOn ist es unrealistischerweise möglich, beide Triebwerke aller Flugzeugmuster gleichzeitig anzulassen, und zwar entweder durch die beiden individuellen Startbefehle der einzelnen Triebwerke, oder aber durch den Doppelanlasser-Tastaturbefehl, der somit einen Easy-Gaming-Cheat darstellt. Wer also Realismus spielen möchte, dem steht für die MiG nur die manuelle Startsequenz im Spiel zur Verfügung. Dann aber bitte auch immer das linke Triebwerk zuerst und dieses vor Start des Rechten schön mindestens 40 Sekunden in Idle laufen lassen... :smartass::music_whistling::thumbup: Again what learned!
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