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  1. Hi Hammer1-1! Really sorry to hear that you've had some difficulties with your VPC gear - I'll get this chased up for you!
  2. Hi everyone! We do not advise using, or provide support for using TARGET (or any other non-VPC software) with VPC controllers as we cannot guarantee it's operation. Any use of the TARGET software with VPC controllers is not officially recommended and is done so at the user's own risk.
  3. The items are already in production (hence why people are receiving their orders)! We've got a huge number of pre-orders to work through, but as per our recent announcement and my last email to you directly we're scheduled to get the remaining pre-orders out on 15th October :) We do apologise for this delay, but your patience is appreciated! Our official pre-order announcement for these items, as well as the pre-order information page confirmed that any changes to the time frame will be announced and you can of course contact us directly for clarification on the latest status. Your previous post mentioned you hadn't received a single message or email from us even though we had chatted previously with the current status of the pre-orders, so I just wanted to clarify this!
  4. Hi Hamilton! Thank you for your patience! We recently posted an announcement updating the status of the pre-orders, and I believe we did actually exchange a few emails between each other about 2 weeks ago clarifying the status as well :) If you're still not clear on anything, please feel free to reply to my last email with any further questions!
  5. Typically we estimate up to 7 working days, but during times of high demand this can bump up to 10-14 working days. Check our Support Center for more questions and if you have anything specific, feel free to contact us directly! https://virpil.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/47000021726-when-will-my-order-be-dispatched-
  6. Hi Harlikwin! Did you load the correct "grip" profile in the VPC software?
  7. Hello VIRPILs! The VIRPIL Controls team hosted our community meet event in Moscow on August 31st which proved to be an incredibly exciting day for everyone involved! We were also joined by a number of special guests including the Eagle Dynamics (DCS) team, Gaijin Entertainment (Warthunder) and 1C Game Studios (IL2)! Of course - everyone (including us!) were eagerly awaiting the reveal of our latest project… and now we’re incredibly excited to introduce the VPC Constellation ALPHA! Our latest VPC Constellation grip includes a wide range of features and controls: ★ Left and Right hand variants (Non-ambidextrous) ★ 1 x Dual-stage trigger ★ 1 x Dual Position Flip Trigger (tactile switch trigger + proximity sensor to detect UP position) ★ Combination Trigger Stages - flip trigger and dual stage trigger and be pressed simultaneously as a combined trigger for additional trigger stages ★ 1 x Analogue Stick (+ Push) ★ 3 x 5-way Hats (4-way + Push) ★ 1 x 3-way Hats (2 way + Push) ★ 3 x Momentary buttons ★ 1 x Brake lever (VPC Contactless Sensor) + Momentary button ★ 1 x Scroll Encoder (+ Dual Push) ★ Lockable Twist Axis (VPC Contactless Sensor) ★ Adjustable Hand Rest Stay tuned for more information on the new VPC Constellation ALPHA! Thank you everyone for your support! We hope everyone who attended our event in Moscow enjoyed it as much as we did and we look forward to the next! Regards, VIRPIL Controls Team
  8. Thanks for the support guys!! :thumbsup:
  9. This is what I had tried to get across - it's VIRPIL Controls' policy, I did not want you think I was implying you or anyone else were untrustworthy. :smilewink: As Brixmis had pointed out with their experience for example, they had the capability to place a hold on the value of the item and charge someone in full if the faulty item was not returned within a predetermined timeframe, this is not something we're currently equipped to handle but the policy as a whole is also not unique to us either. I really do understand that you have encountered a repeat issue which is why we had offered a brand new replacement this time around to minimise your wait (/inconvenience/annoyance)! OK agreed! Again, I am sorry that you'd experienced any issues at all but please get in touch with us directly (or PM me on this forum) when you're ready and we can get everything moving ASAP as we do want to get this resolved for you! :thumbup: :pilotfly:
  10. From what I understand everything was working correctly after you received the grip back from our service center, but the issue came back after a further 2 weeks of use - due to this, I wanted to forward the grip over to our Chief Engineer in Belarus for inspection to see what's going on with your grip and why the issue came back after the parts in question were replaced. As you had already waited for the initial repair service, I didn't want to make you wait for a repair a second time which is why we offered a brand new grip replacement which would have got to you quicker. Again, this isn't a question of me not personally trusting you or any other customer. As Brixmis had pointed out - it's certainly not a policy unique to us. We're more than happy to get this replaced for you and I really don't want to leave you with any VPC gear you're not completely happy with, so please get in touch at any time and we can get this sorted!
  11. Yep you're absolutely right! Unfortunately this is a feature that we do not have access to on our platform/payment gateway currently. A lot of these features can be region dependent or based on other factors out of our control (such as PayPal Credit - we get asked this a lot, but while we'd love to have the option, it's not something that is available to us with PayPal Lithuania). We're always reviewing ways to improve the customer purchasing and support experience - with some backend changes already in the works, I hope in the future we'll be able to offer more convenience features! :thumbup:
  12. Hi Mazex, Firstly, I'm really sorry to hear that you've experienced some issues with your VPC gear and that you have been dissatisfied with the support you've received. I've checked in with this support ticket and reviewed the current situation. I understand that your grip was encountering inconsistent inputs on the second stage of the main trigger. Unfortunately things can sometimes go wrong, but of course we will do what we can to get this resolved in the easiest/fastest way possible. This is not a common issue nor something that I have discussed with any other users in recent memory, so rather than running you down the DIY/remote troubleshooting route which may not have revealed the exact issue and used up a lot of your time, we offered to collect the grip from you using our courier service, and have it repaired at our service center, tested and sent back out to you via Express courier. The grip had been working upon receipt from our service center but you had then reported to us that the issue had returned after 2 weeks of use. As the issue had returned it was clarified that we would not repair your old grip, but rather send you out an entirely new grip. Transit time from your address to us using our express courier is 3-6 days so we'd be able to get your replacement sent out very quickly as you would not be waiting on the service center for a repair. We simply offered the collection service for convenience, however if our offered courier collection service is not suitable you are of course free to send the item to us using your own preferred method! While I understand what you're saying, we just do not send out anything ahead of receiving the faulty items and this is clarified on our webstore information pages. This is certainly not a policy unique to VIRPIL - and in fact is specifically advised by PayPal and our payment gateway. If someone can send us a message claiming something is faulty which we cannot verify is actually faulty, and then grant them a free duplicate to that item with no reason for them to send us anything back at all, this would set a rather dangerous precedent as I'm sure you could imagine :smilewink: I am absolutely not implying you would do this, but we cannot make exceptions on a case by case basis - how would we be able to determine this? This could also upset others who were unable to get this option where others were. As such, unfortunately the rule is the rule and allows us to provide a consistent and fair service to all our users. I would also like to clarify - we are 100% not refusing to get this grip repaired (or replaced in this case) for Mazex. We are really upset to see anyone unhappy with their VPC gear and the offer for a warranty replacement is still available for Mazex if they so choose.
  13. Hi chief! Things are currently running slower than usual as we had received a huge number of pre-orders. After feedback from our previous pre-order run, these pre-orders have been prioritised in the dispatch queue as soon as the stock becomes available. New orders from warehouse stock are put at the end of the dispatch queue. The alternative is to simply not allow any new orders until later date, even though there is available stock - but this would cause more complaints and ultimately the wait time would be the same (as you wouldn't be able to secure your order), just the order creation date would be later. We try to be as transparent as possible with the order processing time especially over the past month while we've been dealing with pre-orders alongside new store orders. I believe we've reached the end of a big bulk of pre-orders in the queue, so things should be picking up from now. We're also currently working on some changes to our distribution/logistics side of things to speed up the dispatch process which will be in effect in the near future! :smilewink: Thank you for your patience and understanding - and I'm also glad to hear that you're enjoying your VPC products and continue to support us :pilotfly: :thumbup:
  14. I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy with your ordering experience. Please note that we frequently get questions regarding order processing times, but the answer can be found on our website delivery information page: We estimate 7 working days for order processing, but during times of high demand this can reach up to 14 working days. I apologise if the information provided on your support ticket reply did not clarify this, but you can of course respond to the reply from our support team for further information - but I do not believe we received any further messages? Pre-orders for unreleased items will of course only be dispatched once they become available. We've been processing pre-orders as well as new orders so we're under a huge amount of demand at the moment, but we're working through the order queue as quickly as we can. If you're order is outside of the 14 working day estimate, please let me know your order number (but this should have been picked up on your support ticket enquiry if you were outside of this window - and if you were, an explanation would have been provided), and I will chase this up for you :thumbup:
  15. Hi mdee, I'd like to offer some clarification on this! So a large number of pre-orders placed in March were dispatched ahead of the 90 day time frame estimate. The pre-orders from March that haven't been sent were waiting on unreleased products (the new VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base unit) or throttle pre-orders which were upgraded for free to the new VPC MongoosT-50CM Throttle which is also a newly released product. These items are now in active production at the factory and will be included in our scheduled restock shipment. Pre-order shipping notifications are being sent out as we speak! Pre-orders that have been placed in the last pre-order period (21st June to 8th July) will be prioritised as confirmed on the pre-order announcement. If your pre-order only includes released items (everything except the V.F.X Grip or our new Rudder Pedals), again these will be dispatched significantly ahead of the 90 day time frame as we receive stock shipments from our factory roughly every 2 weeks. We're currently looking to be able to start dispatching new pre-orders out this month :) Pre-orders that include unreleased items (V.F.X Grip or our new Rudder Pedals) are estimated to be dispatched within 90 days. We absolutely do keep stock in our store, and with recent increases in production capacity this year many items have maintained constant stock availability between restocks even in light of high demand! Of course with brand new, recently released items demand is even higher. We work as fast as we can to keep up! We hadn't been offering pre-orders for a long time, but the option was brought back after significant demand from the community. I hope this clears up any confusion! :thumbup:
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