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  1. I have programmed my Xbox controller but I can’t move my TADS. Reviewing Wags and Casmo’s videos I might not selecting the acquisition source correctly. I am traveling but will be home tomorrow. I was in the CPG seat and on the TEDAC it said p-hmd. This indicates it was not set to TADS right? There are so many new command/but5on layouts to learn!
  2. Thanks BigNewy,! I thought I saw it in one of the many Apache videos lower on the left view.
  3. When flying the Apache in VR the control indicator window is in upper left part of the screen. I have to tilt my head up every time to see it. Is it’s position in a config (Lua) file? thanks
  4. Would you mind sharing more details on your home made collective? thanks
  5. Yes that was it. Strange thing was that when I started the mission the first radio you use was not turned on and I could not hear Biff at all. Saw that right away and turned it on.
  6. that is probably my mistake. I can't test it tonight as it is my anniversary and we are going out for dinner. But tomorrow I will
  7. yes both APU and APU inverter were on. I double checked. And no I saw no text appear, after 10-20 seconds it said hit space to confirm radio check. I did although I did not hear or see anything. then the message came about asking IP for frequency through the F1- Other menu. I went to the radio but no F10 Edit: I just went through it again. so the inverter goes to standby not on correct. right before we start the APU and power on the APU Generator. i noticed when the radios did not work again that the APU Gen warning light is blinking. On the radios, the are both set to MAN not AM or FM correct? I switched both to TR and entered the frequencies. I hear nothing. Peter
  8. I just started on the mission and I let Biff talk me through the start up. When we get to the radio tuning part, I set the frequency, 126.500 and turn knob to TR and even turn up volume but I don’t hear the radio check. Same for the other radio on 33.000. I double checked the frequencies and instructions in the message history. I don’t hear either radio call, please point out the stupid thing I am forgetting. Yes I have my helmet on
  9. I can't see your signature. It used to be at the bottom of the message. I use the Oculus2 with a AMD 5600X, AMD 6800, 32GB of memory and i can read the instruments and have a good framerate. it is all depends on your settings.
  10. I can only say it is worth the wait! And Miles has continued to develop and improve the product as a one man and one woman company. I can’t wait to order the new resin finger controllers.
  11. Serial number 10375 bricked tonight after 15+ years of flawless operation. Just when I am off for a week and was getting ready to fly a lot, ugh Peter
  12. Thank you Miles, FDM please and Merry Christmas to you too. I will send you a message with my email address. Peter
  13. Hi Miles, in the recent year I switched to a Quest2 and the HMS base plate was for my Quest headset I had before. This HMS base does not fit well on the Quest2. I recently got a 3D printer. Would it be possible to share the STL for the Quest2 HMS base? If not, no problem and I will buy it. Merry Christmas! Peter
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