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  1. Yea Ive quickly looked at the softTH solution and from what I have read its the slowest and most cumbersome of the 3 options so I've pretty much ruled that out, so it either bite the bullet and go ATI, sli nvidia or matrox TH2G... I'll do a bit of research on the at I cards and see what the options are but from what I've seen so far there is nothing that's lighting my fire tbh, but once the 7xxx series gets released there might be something a bit juice.... Once again rainmaker thanks for your help and time its much apritiated... and thx for the stepping issue on the 8400 you had, something I'll be looking out for... Chears buddy Regards gizz
  2. Once again thx rainmaker for the info you have been a grqte help... As for the ATI eyefinity, I have considered it but I must admit I'm not a grate ATI fan, although the last ati card I had was a 4mb 2d card many moons ago:noexpression: I haven't had any personal exp with today's Gen models but I still here that there driver support is still a little rough around the edges... But I do see what your saying on the motrox box being old tech now and it does bring atI into the picture a bit more with there eyefinity looking pretty solid, not to mention the better resolution support where the motrox is already showing its age.. You have me rethinking now lol.... the way I'm looking at it now is, if I overclock the 8400 then that leaves me with just needing to upgrade the gtx260 and buy the motrox box, but if I ditch the matrox box and put that saved money with the cash I would be spending on a new gfx card anyway I could get a top end card that will see me good for when I upgrade mobo/CPU/ram.. I'm looking to be able to run 3x37/42" hdtv's at 1080p if poss so the best eyefinity card I can get would do me good... Doesn't at I do a card over 2gb vram? I would like the extra ram due to the Res I'm planning on running so... price wouldn't be to much of an issue on this due to the saving I would be making on the matrox.... As for the over lock I'm running a antec900 case and that thing freezes my feet lol its a noisy case but that's not an issue for me but its a very cool case, so I'm hoping with the large case cooling capacity of the 900 case and the article cooler 7 I can get close to 4gig... my p5q pro mobo is pretty decent at overclocking and I purposly got the E0 stepping E8400 for its OC patential... Once again thx for your time.. Regards Gizz
  3. Just the info I was after, chears m8.....:thumbup: What Res/aspect ratio and Hz are you running there on those 24"at and what FPS are you getting? As you said if can squeeze a little time out of this rig for a while until i go triplehead2go that will be awesome, if I can get away with just a gfx upgrade I'll be happy, don't even mind splashing the cash on that now, I'll be bottlenecking but I'll have it for when I rebuild in a few months time... And has anyone managed to clock. E8400 to 4 ghz stable with a article cooler 7 pro?
  4. Greetings! I built my system about 2 yrs back now but I've been out the loop for about 15 months now and need a bit of advice on which road to take now... My current rig is as follows... MOBO: ASUS P5Q PRO CPU: E8400 (stock 3ghz) RAM: 8Gb Kingston hyper 1066 DDR2 dualchannel GFX: BFG GTX 260 OC2 maxcore (216) just underperforms a gtx 280 on benchmarks PSU: OCZ 700w Article coller 7 pro So the first question is how will I fair running A10/FSX..?? Am I best to ditch this and rebuild or am I best OC'in the nuts off the e8400 to say 4ghz? And is my 260 maxcore now to weak? In the near future I'm hoping to run 3x 37" hdtv's on tripleheade2go and guessing my 260 just doesn't have the guts for that and I'm not sure on the CPU either when I go 3x... So what's your guys opinion? Any help is much apritiated Thx in advance Gizzmo
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