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  1. I got A to just over M2.2 at shallow descent from about 45k to 38k. AIM-7s at stations 4, 5 otherwise clean. Im sure it would go faster but I was getting to bingo as I was passing 38k. That was few moths ago, I might just try again now.
  2. Using flaps lever, its the AUX flaps that are either up (less or at 5° flaps lever deflection) or down (more than 5° flaps lever deflection). MAIN flaps can be set to any position in between up/down corresponding to flaps lever position.
  3. One small note, you were pointing at selector switch on Launch Bar Abort Panel instead of Feed switch when talking about fuel feed. Fuel feed switch is located above refuel probe ext/ret switch and right of the control surface indicators display (both are guarded). Just pointing that out as not to confuse those two.
  4. There is nothing in F-14 NATOPS (that I can find) that suggest WOW has anything to do with DLC. It should retract with throttles at mil or above both in the air and on the ground.
  5. Worked OK for me as far as I can tell by in cockpit clock. Note that for 4 min 360° turn you have to have only one width of the indicator deflection, as stated in NATOPS manual.
  6. I would consider ext. and wing tanks separate (excluded) system in regards to fuel balancing. I dont think there is a way to get fuel into them except from refueling. As for fuel balancing there are, FWD/RIGHT - forward fuselage tanks (fuel cells 1, 2) and right box beam tank (fuel cell 4), AFT/LEFT - aft fuselage tanks (fuel cells 5, 6, 7, 8) and left box beam tank (fuel cell 3). All fuel balancing is done between those tanks, so its mostly shifting fuselage fuel fwd or aft. Lateral imbalance in this case is really not a thing unless there would be a failure to extract fuel from a one wing tank.
  7. That is not quite correct, there is a transfer. Read "fuel quantity balancing" section of the F-14 NATOPS manuals.
  8. The moment you flip autopilot engage switch to engage you are in attitude hold mode of the autopilot (best done when you are level and trimmed), then you can set whatever autopilot mode switches you want and press AP ref button to engage the autopilot modes. Note that attitude hold mode does not require AP ref press to engage, other modes do.
  9. Its possible because you have not listed any priorities, so all priorities we can see is what you show to us, and that is so far only ready room. And I can tell you in my opinion it should be last thing ED should be concerned about. Priorities should be what @MARLAN_and @BarTzipointed out and more, You know stuff that actually matters for aircraft operation from carrier. Now, if you are in fact working on those features that is great, but would it be so hard to actually let us know you work on it?
  10. I would say it depends on your philosophy, one might say its good that it take more than designed for safety and all. Other might say the wing was unnecessarily overbuilt (witch has it drawbacks like added weight, cost, and loss of performance), and it would be better if it failed at (or just couple % after) the ultimate load. Im not sure what is better to be honest, they are both valid points. ED opted to have wings break at ultimate load, but I dont see anything wrong with that really, and certainly no bugs with structure limit loads that I could find on my end.
  11. I can tell you from my personal experience, I have been to aeronautical test lab twice when they did wing tests to destruction. What happened past ultimate load limit (120ish % of the ultimate load as I remember) was that right aft (iirc) beam flange failed close to the wing root. No other component failed as far as I could tell, so yes it was the weakest structure in the wing. Merry Christmas to you as well.
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