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  1. After seeing [TASF]Overkill's thread on running DCS on Linux, https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=229253 I thought it would be a fun summer project to get DCS up and running myself. It worked surprisingly well! My setup is * Ubuntu 19.04 * TrackIR Pro 4 * HOTAS Warthog * Saitek rudders I documented the steps in the attached guide (markdown format), even how to control the backlight LED on the throttle :) If you spot any errors or learn anything new that could be valuable to the guide, please share with others in this thread. Have a nice weekend! Dagger howto_install_on_linux.md.txt howto_install_on_linux.md.sha1.txt
  2. Hi, What are your experiences with the different communication apps out there? I'm looking at teamspeak mumble raidcall ventrilo skype other Is teamspeak the de facto standard in this community? What have you chosen and why? Thanks for your input!
  3. Well, a TM WH is hardly cheap :) FYI, I decided to connect all my flightsim gear to the usb 2.0 ports and it works great. I think my Asus Z87 Pro board would have handled the controllers equally well if connected to the 3.0 ports but see no reason to change now. As for disconnecting before shutting down, my throttle led state settings are not saved, so I have decided to keep the controllers plugged in for now. I'm thinking perhaps the issues that people experienced was with earlier firmwares?
  4. I used the razor method and it seemed impossible until I took out the full blade from the casing of the cutter, at which point it went much easier.
  5. The 2.0 and 3.0 ports have the same connection interface, only the color is different on my asus z87 pro board. about the killing...now you got me nervous....any warthog users that can confirm or have a link where I can read up on this.
  6. Hi gentle[wo]men, Just got myself a new computer and am about to install the warthog and track ir 4. Should I connect to the usb 3.0 ports or is that just wasting them on devices that don't support/require the higher specs? Other issues that I should be aware of? I briefly browsed the naturalpoint forums and saw one person having trouble with usb 3.0 but that was an old post. What are your experiences? edit: win 8.1 64bit Thanks, Jonas
  7. On nvidia hw it is called "adjust for display bezels (edges)", fig 6 in this pdf illustrates http://www.club-3d.com/isotope/i/id-3d-vision-surround-setup-ba7464bd.pdf
  8. Thanks for this mission, just played it with a friend and not having to do a cold start when you are new means a lot. We never even saw the targets, just did some navigation to the target area and returned to base and tried to land. I was super impressed with my buddy....he actually *aborted* a failed approach...something I never did when starting out........will...make...work...aaaaaaaaaaaaaw :)
  9. Will be a game changer Yes, this will be a game changer, 45fps that feels like 60...can't wait. PC Perspective has 2 good articles and videos First is an nvidia rep explaining the technology and demoing (as much as possible) http://www.pcper.com/news/Graphics-Cards/PCPer-Live-NVIDIA-G-Sync-Discussion-Tom-Petersen-QA Second is for all nerds that have these legends as heros (Carmack, Sweeney, Andersson) http://www.pcper.com/news/Graphics-Cards/John-Carmack-Tim-Sweeney-and-Johan-Andersson-Talk-NVIDIA-G-Sync-AMD-Mantle-and-G
  10. Just wanted to share some photos I stumbled across from the same region as DCS plays out. http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/08/russia_in_color_a_century_ago.html Scroll down to find Tblisi #6 Sukhumi #33 My favorite was #14 (unrelated to DCS), a color photo of a guy born 1825 :)
  11. I touch both Crysis and DCS :smartass:. Now imagine DCS with Crysis destructible environment. Just hovering and letting the cannon go to work on the trees, uncovering those damn foot soldiers with their iglas....aaahhhww...INCOMING!!
  12. Check out this link to see the action and info on how to enable it. Sorry if this has been posted already. /Dagger
  13. Thank you bengo. Maybe I'll wait just a little while. Who knows, this new thing eDimensional is talking about could be magnetic and not require line-of-sight (something I found by following Weta43's link in this thread).
  14. Thanks for the tip, I live in Sweden btw. Looks like shipping costs from Germany are around €24.
  15. I'm thinking about that but the shipping + customs fees are ridiculous. TIR4 PRO + TrackClip PRO = $184.9 Shipping = $51.33 Custom fees (30%) = $55.47 TOTAL = $291.7 So more than one third is fees:(. That's why eDimensional was good (international orders). <speculation> I'm not so sure about that, let's think about it for a second. Ok, so I know nothing about whats coming, hence my post in the first place but, I don't think eDimensional would stop selling something that's making them money and REPLACE it with something that's GOING to make them money. If its not working with existing titles why would anyone but the most hardcore and rich freaks buy it. I could be completely wrong here but the thing thats coming has to be able to seriously compete with TIR4, right from the start. Why else discontinue TIR4? </speculation.
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