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  1. Excelent work!!! So the amx10 rcr has been updated with a new sight. Also.. just to let you know, the manual has left out all about the amx10, so people may not know hoy to use its features (low profile and high) I see the stabilization has been removed from the amx10 . So what the real thing has? Auto tracking? Target computer? Without the stabilization its almost imposible to hit a target while moving, the amx rocks left and right like crazy. Thanks!!!
  2. Hi, Internal Light in the Mi8 are very dim, the flood red and white are very dim and the instrument panel backlight are very dim.. Thanks
  3. Hi, im new to Scripting and need help here. Its a little confusing for me.. So i want to make this... (all naval units) Group A has a pre assigned route. I want Group B to spawn near it (preferably random position) and follow group A. So far i got this. For group B to spawn near it I could use this (first is the moving zone) table mist.cloneInZone (Group B, First) But im getting an error So as i understand I can use this functions in this order.. 1.-To clone a group B near my group A with a moving zone attached to it randomly.. table mist.cloneInZone (string groupName, string zoneName, Boolean disperse, number distance) 2.-To get the position of Group A with.. table mist.getAvgPoint(table points) 3.-To get Group B to move to the point i got at #2 table mist.groupToPoint (??? group, ??? point, string form, number heading, number speed, boolean useRoads) Maybe repear 2 and 3 every 60 seconds to update position and orders.. Am i on the right track here?
  4. Hi.. I dont use scripts. I have a mission where i need to set the probability of succes depending on the amount of troops unloaded in an area.. right now I have a flag 5.. with 4 values.. (4 helicopters) if 1 helicopter delivers troops.. flag 5 value at 20 (on a 20% chance succes) if 2 helicopters land................flag 5 value at 40 """""""""""""""""""""""".............Flag 5 value at 60 ...........................................Flag 5 value at 80 (on a 80% chance success max) Im using a base vlaue of 100 porcent to make things easier.. My question is.. and after spending all morning reading.. how do I make a final trigger or set a new flag based on those chances of success?
  5. Hi, i still dont buy the P47, I been waiting for it since backing the kickstarter campaign. I dont really wanna buy early acces modules anymore, or at least give them a few months to add stuff, but this is my favorite WW2 airplane. So to the owners out there just a few questions.. How early access is the early access? Is Turbo/engine managment aviable? Is the new damage model finally here? Thanks!
  6. Thanks, i just looked the first port. Second post says all planned features. What are the items planned for after Early Access release? • Ready Room • Air Boss Station • Interactive LSO Controls like manual control of hook touch down location, hook to ramp height, wave off lights, and cut lights • Plane directors to guide aircraft to catapults and off the landing area • Three additional ships of the sub-class o CVN-75 Harry S. Truman • Rendered hangar deck • Emergency barrier net (controlled for Air Boss station) • Deck crew (not static deck crew) that move to avoid collisions with aircraft • Deck crew glow sticks for night operations • Pilot animations like the salute and right hand on grab bar
  7. I loved the patch. And im having great fun with the SC. But honestly for the regular price of 49.99 its just not there for me yet. I was expecting way more animations on deck, at least ground air supply and ground power. Maybe refuelling and Rearming, towing aircrafts, etc. and in my wildest dream fire control crew doing their jobs..:music_whistling: Its a good start, just wondering if more features will come in the future. For me, as is right now.. this features should have been added for free
  8. Do we have an eta or response from heatblur if this will be added to mp as client?
  9. honestly why would you want to upgrade the database, DCS airports and NAV data is from early 2000s (at least caucasus) No update in the map means theres no point in upgrading your database, unless you want to perform current used IFR procedures in the region, but with magnetic variation in 10+ years I woudnt recommend it.
  10. Flying As Rio, do you always need to input WP1 - WP3 manually? How do I know when Phoenix goes active? Thanks!
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