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  1. new sound would be very welcome too. it's the only plane yet to be updated
  2. these are my exact 1,2, and 3 choices. good taste
  3. if you're not taking off above MGTOW, do you even hind bro?
  4. it depends what you want to practice before the hind comes. the hip is better if you want to learn the instruments and just learn to fly. but if you have mastered that already, the shark is a better choice for practicing the combat tactics of the hind. plus I never said anywhere the hind can't hover, I don't know why that myth keeps getting brought up
  5. I will have to disagree. Flying the shark with the gun fixed will give you a better representation of flying the hind. It's faster than the hip and doesn't require pedal input when flying fast to keep straight. Flying the Mi8 is great for learning switchology and cockpit/instrument familiarity of the hind but that's about it
  6. definitely going to, but I always wait till the day before release
  7. sounds like a fun challenge instead of plinking targets from 8km perfectly safe in the ka50
  8. Viper doesn't have laser mavericks so you will need to find the target visually to attack
  9. the difference between a block 15 and our viper is like the difference between ours and a block 70. there is essentially nothing in common except the shape
  10. it goes above and beyond being impressive. it's the most in depth simulation of a 4th gen fighter aircraft available on the civilian market. Look at the latest list of upcoming features for the next OB update. It's been 3 years but we are finally almost there
  11. your liveries are probably the best in all of DCS. please keep making them
  12. I do like heavy realism the approach they have taken with the viper
  13. to add to your post, the huey and mi8 have been around here for a long time, and can thrive. it's a faster, more armed and armoured mi8. sounds good to me.
  14. if tgp is not available, the only way is to know the coordinates before hand and drop in pre planned mode. the a/g radar is not accurate enough to find targets and employ jdams without the use of the tgp to fine tune the coordinates. this is also true in the real jet. the other simulator you are referring to has an a/g radar which way over performs how the real one behaves.
  15. look how good the F-16 external lights look. basically every release after a certain time has lifelike external lights. EG. the JF-17, F-16 and P-47. It would be great to have that effect on the hornet.
  16. that is the limit of the ATC in dcs. it unfortunately servers no purpose outside of a couple of voice lines that are always the same. it is being reworked in the future
  17. hopefully the calm before the storm
  18. not too bothered really. if there's no training missions i'll just read the manual lol
  19. the A8 is a hunter, yes, a hunter of bombers. it's a much more heavily armoured version of the older A5 and A6 which were better dogfighters. in a one on one against a spitfire it will lose everytime, however if you fly in a group of 190 vs a group of spitfires it becomes much more even using the high speed to drag opponents while your wingmen shoot them down. if turn rate was king then the I-16 would be the best fighter. no need to upgrade
  20. agreed, frontline alert fighters shouldn't have to spend precious time waiting for engine warm, especially when the enemy can see where you spawn due to DCS' role select screen
  21. does this mean the updated external model can be released sooner?
  22. really hope you make a Mi-24 campaign, but i will certainly buy for any helo. I am replaying right now, and it's the most immersive experience in DCS for me. You can just tell the CO Peter was voiced by a real pilot too, or at least someone with extensive knowledge of helicopter operations. the attention to detail of safe operation is a nice touch. Eg: off the top of my head he always mentions landing into wind, crossing powerlines at the poles not the wires, remarks on max grossweight takeoff technique and keeping engine within TOT limits. Favorite mission probably mission 6 with the deteriorating weather where you start after being refueled by the convoy. It starts off with manageable weather and has you do an IMC landing on a hill to drop off soldiers, drop smoke on targets for arty at low level using the strong tailwind for fast ground speed. Bullets flying everywhere and then sudden calm while you resume your original mission before all the chaos, ending with the weather getting worse and worse as you are brought down to road level presented with a choice to make a precautionary landing or push on to Batumi. One of my most memorable sim experiences, flying this mission in VR. Thank you
  23. it's extremely fast in a straight line (190knots+) and turns like an aircraft carrier at speed. it's not nimble at all, but this is just part of its charm
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