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  1. I get reports from people that current OB generally has problems with CTDs. I haven't experienced any, but I suspect this is something under the hood there in DCS....
  2. You are not allowed to engage it, you are told to stop it and drop ahead of it. If you destroy it, you will fail the mission (you would get into a lot of trouble if you did that in real life). The exact order is: "Raven 13, Knight, you are directed to halt that POCKET. Ordnance release in close proximity is authorized. Mike 1 Hotel is enroute to arrest both vessels". As for point 2, the mission didn't progress because well.. you sank the ship
  3. But then it would become way too easy. I hope ED fixes it. In testing sometimes I saw the enemies, sometimes I didn’t. I’ll think about it.
  4. Tacan is working, but not in A/A mode (which is not a bug, but a feature according to ED). The subtitles.. for some reason they disappear after each save of a mission. I even added them to a completely new unit, but they still disappeared when I saved them. Mysterious DCS stuff…
  5. I think it may be a DCS problem - if enemy is hidden on map he is also not visible on SA (which shouldn’t be a case). Anyhow this is nothing I have done or have any control over, unfortunately…
  6. Guys, I thought I'd gather in one place all the relevant information as to the current state of the RO:DF campaign, known bugs and possible workarounds. Valid for version: OB RAVEN SKINS BUG Due to a technical error, the Ravens skins do not display correctly in the campaign. To fix the issue: 1. Copy the liveries folder from the Raven One Dominant Fury Campaign folder as shown above. 2. Paste the liveries folder into C:\Users\*your username*\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries (or C:\Users\*your username*\Saved Games\DCS if you don't have a liveries folder in there already). 3. All of the liveries (except the F18 Hornet liveries) should work fine now. 4. Open the FA-18C Folder, inside of it, you should see a folder named Raven One Dominant Fury. 5. Copy all of the Liveries inside C:\Users\*your username*\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\FA-18C_hornet\Raven One Dominant Fury 6. Paste all of the copied files directly into C:\Users\*your username*\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\FA-18C_hornet. MISSION 10 workaround In current version of M10, the F-14s do not move thus blocking other flights. Please download this version of the mission and replace it in your campaign folder in order to be able to continue. MISSION 6 problem (no comms after dropping bombs) During startup, player can get damaged by the adjacent F14 unfolding its wings. This is a DCS thing with the Tomcats and player's aircraft is set to invincible - however, the immortality does not work when the wheel chocks are on. Therefore make sure to remove the wheel chocks before the 5th minute of the mission. This is out of my hands and we need to wait for a fix. After the attack there are no more comms in M06. This is linked to DCS bug with AI Tomcats refusing to drop guided bombs (already reported to ED). Since half of the package do not drop, some of the triggers are not fired. This is out of my hands and we need to wait for a fix, although the mission can still be completed. MISSION 12 problem (no comms after main package attacks) This is the same reason as for M06, where AI Tomcats instead of dropping their GBU-24s just turn around and fly home. Again, This is out of my hands and we need to wait for a fix from ED. Needles to say, F-14s behaved normally in last tests just before the release. I will be updating this thread as things change. Apologies for the problems and thanks for your understanding.
  7. Yes, so far only with G2 connected. Will test some more. I also suspect the cable, especially since there are connection problems every now and then there... I'll continue to troubleshoot, in the meantime any additional ideas would be most welcome!
  8. Hey guys, For the last couple of days I've been running into a weird problem and I thought I'd ask if someone may have some idea what might be going on. First of, my system specs (from the shop where I bought the PC a few months ago). I am using a HP Reverb G2. Recently I've had occasional problems with my HP Reverb not being detected properly in the WMR portal (an error pops up talking about the connection problem). Usually plugging the USB out and then back in helped. However, then I started getting black screen in my Reverb when playing (the sound and everything else works OK) - but the weird thing that each time also my main screen goes dark and into the standby mode, saying there is no signal. And yesterday when I wasn't using the VR, the same happened - the screen suddenly lost signal. Nothing helps (unplugging and plugging back the DP cable) - only resetting the PC. Once I reset it, everything works well. I checked the GPU temperature and it is in the green almost all the time. Also what is puzzling is the fact that the restart seems to fix the problem every time, which makes me think it may be software related. Any ideas what to check / what could be the issue most welcome.
  9. I will fix it for the next update, but thanks for the temporary solution @hhhttt!
  10. I will check. Worked OK last time I tried, but I might have messed something up when updating it later. Enough to make one typo in flag name or number....
  11. Hey @AngelAtTheTomb, wow you're sprinting through the campaign. Indeed, @Reflected reported it yesterday and I managed to fix it - but since next patch may be quite some time away, please download this version of the mission and just replace it in the campaign folder in order to be able to continue.
  12. This is a DCS bug with the Tomcats - they hit the player when the are enabled and spread their wings. I made player's aircraft invincible for the beginning of the mission, but it seems this does not work when the chocks are on, good find! I will add a note to the mission to be sure that player removes the wheel chocks... no other way around it, can't position player somewhere else as this will break the whole Case 3 departure which took me hours to build properly.
  13. I will just send Player to CAT 2 using Yellow Shirt just in case.
  14. I added them on assumption that if you choose "enforcing your options" in the menu it overrides this setting. I have it on my to-do list for the next update and will disable forced labels.
  15. Thanks, I will update the blocks at which the flights orbit, but I won't touch anything else, because if I tell the AI to follow the player it will most likely break the mission. As for the speed, good point. Alternatively I could change the timing, but I think changing the briefing is the easiest to do. As for extra comms, I trust Kevin and Jell-O who wrote the script and if such calls were necessary, they would have added them. Additional VOs after release of the campaign are very difficult to add, because off differences in mic quality used then and now - which leads to VOs that sound a bit off. I think I will leave this part of the mission as is, though I completely see your point here. Thanks. I saw someone reporting this, but to my mind it is something with the DCS and not the campaign, as F10 radio menu options work well for most of the players. So this must be something specific for your system, otherwise everyone would have a problem, which is not the case... but when you find the solution, let us know!
  16. LOL, got to love the AI... thanks for reporting. I'll fix this (somehow.. )
  17. Hey! I am currently re-flying the whole campaign and updating it mission by mission (there are quite a few things to address) - I am hoping to have the completely overhauled version ready for July. But keep the reports coming!
  18. Hey, unfortunately no, this is 100% on ED, I have no control over that. Funny thing is that he only does it in M01, the rest of the campaign works OK. Plus his landing is not necessary for you completing the mission, the only thing it breaks is immersion...
  19. Thanks guys, I'll give it a whirl. Probably not tonight, as we are recording new Air Combat Sim episode with Mooch, but soon!
  20. I don't think there is a bug, spoke today with two people who flew this mission and it worked well for them. I suspect the problem is that some of you are waiting for him to start following the player, while he just goes 7NM out from the carrier and then goes directly to WP 1 at angels 20 (you should also be at this altitude as briefed for the mission to work correctly). Keep me posted, perhaps I am wrong and need to update something (I will add a sentence to the Designer's Notes that PL is expected to wait for Blade at WP 1).
  21. yes, he is supposed to go for 7 miles out from the carrier, then turns to WP1. This has no effect on timing because the target aircraft spawns only after you begin the active search. I’ll have a look. BTW, did you have guard monitoring on? it is essential to hear any chatter between the intercepted aircraft and Knight..
  22. With Blade - just to be sure - he is not supposed to rejoin after take off, he will join up at Rock.
  23. Wait, the way it is supposed to happen: you should fly to Rock, which is your rejoin point and wait for Blade there, this is here he joins up and then you talk to Knight and move on. Are you in the correct spot? Just checking.
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