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  1. Question is... is there any game out there that works great with vista? FPS wise, :lol: . To many bugs with this OS for now. I'm staying clear of it. At least for a year....;)
  2. Thanks for being one of the best bandit on my tail ;). Have fun in your new work environment, looks awesome…:thumbup:
  3. Good news GG, thanks :thumbup: SO are we close to a confirmation?
  4. I totaly agree. GG thanks for your ideas. I read them, and they do show promise, your ideas are up too par as for what I would expect, hopefully is the key word. Thanks for at least bringing it up to ED. Hopefully ED will not only take it into consideration. But hopefully ED will make it happen. Cheers all
  5. Awesome editing, keep up the good work. Impressionnant... Cheers :thumbup:
  6. Ok, this is my input. Not that anyone cares... I know there are scripts out there to make ECM blink. I have it, tried it, works, but reverted back due that it does not allows human error to come in play once engaged in the heat of battle. I use the blinking feature manually, since reckon its more human. True maybe in RL the pilot might have only to press the 1 button once. But this is lomac. I call it an exploit, due that this feature is not included as a basic command and was not made available to all, don’t think it was to be intended as such. Allowing you and edge on the rest of the pilots that are not aware or savvy enough to make there own, then this is a cheat in my book. True I live with it, since, as I have no choice. But users’ using it, in my book, lacks goods sportsmanship for it lacks the human error aspect, as is, in its present form in lockon. Hope ED improves ECM features in BS…. This is my 2 cents.
  7. Yep, awesome movie, especially the bonus features :thumbup:
  8. Online playing is where the rush is... There is no comparing... Cheers
  9. So many wishes, so many competent lomac flyers. Remember BS was supposed to be out last spring if I recall correctly. I’ve been patient enough and will wait some more. Until it’s done is the word, and will wait accordingly. But reckon keeping wishing, might get ED attentions. You never know. Just bring the aim120 up to par. And let the battle sort it out … well that is one my wishes, lets be realistic since this is the aim or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow ;) Keep up the good work all, ED and Beta testers. Until then will fight with less efficient missiles... Will work with it...
  10. Your lucky, yum yum :D I want your specs, lol maybe one day :smilewink: I'm thinking of getting a Intel Extreme X6800 Core2 Duo :P price tag $ 1,183.00 Canadian dawm Still working on it. Wheres is my bonus dawmit, lol Cheers
  11. One of my wish in BS is the re work of that script. This needs to be re done in my opinion. My humble 2 cents.... Thanks ED
  12. Thanks :clap_2: That's good news, keep up the good work ED & Beta testers
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