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  1. Yes, when I enter the plane SRS disconnects... It used to work in the initial release of the Jeff...
  2. Try an autostart to work around the CMS issue for now. Works in SP and MP. Lwin + Home.
  3. If you want working CMS: you can work around the issue by performing an autostart. Works in SP and MP. Lwin + Home.
  4. Hope so... Can't imagine this is realistic given the sudden change in force balance and the compensating - rather than anticipating - nature of a gyro. Let me see what happens without the gyro/AP system turned on So I tried that... Looks like it has nothing to do with the SAS/AP system... Reaction to torque changes during forward flight is almost absent... should it be like this?
  5. Two Questions: 1) Why is it that I don't need any left rudder input when I suddenly decrease the collective (or lose power)? The sudden main rotor torque change must affect the helicopter somehow... She now feels like an RC helicopter with a heading hold gyro. 2) How/where do I select a radio to transmit over?
  6. You can use manual mode to achieve that. Unfortunately in automatic mode there is still a CCIP solution that shouldn't be there. It should be exclusive to game mode. I bomb in manual mode and depress the pipper to the bottom of the ASP. I do not have any bomb charts though. I try to do steep dives and use the radar in fixed beam mode to get an idea of range to the target.
  7. Small inaccuracy (I glanced at the previous posts, I hope it wasn't mentioned yet) At the very beginning of the video in the original post, radar altitude shows 0. In DCS it shows 5, which I assume is the actual distance between the sensor and the ground. From the footage it appears that the offset due to landing gear height is taken into account... Easy fix I suppose. Just add an offset to the displayed Ralt. However, from an engineering standpoint, this offset should disappear when the landing gear is raised. Can't argue that from the HUD footage though... DCS 1.5.3 btw
  8. No way! an F-5? Never saw that coming! There were like... no hints at all. :D
  9. True Check out Matt's computer specs in his signature. Unless he upgraded and forgot to change his signature, Nevada will run just fine on 8Gb. Although he doesn't fly in multiplayer servers with 20+ players...
  10. 5Gb of RAM usage upon entering a simple free flight mission with about 8 players. Isn't that a bit too much?
  11. And you were right... As for this bug then...
  12. That said, if you really love the Mi-8, go ahead and buy it. It is an awesome module, especially now in 1.5.
  13. +1 for FeistyLemur! The toggle keys broke some of my ASP mode key combinations (to switch from missiles to guns, gyro to missile mode etc). I like to have them seperate.
  14. The Panel lights were fixed after all this time!!!!! Now you can control everything seperately! http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=104998
  15. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Can't wait to go home this weekend! :pilotfly:
  16. Yes that could explain the difference! I didn't know that the Caucasus map in DCS does not follow an Earth ellipsoid model. I always assumed it did, maybe because you can select an ellipsoid model in the Ka-50's ABRIS. That must have been purely cosmetic. It is a real shame that real world navigation aids don't work. I hope this will be different for future maps!
  17. No this has nothing to do with Magnetical variance. I'm taking map coordinates and compare them. Everything is in reference to true North. Besides differences are irregular and more significant than that, especially at shorter distances. And please read the part about the 20nm offset between DCS and real world coordinates. That alone rules out anything that has to do with the Magnetical North.
  18. Hey, I've made a simple tool in Excel to aid in navigating DCS modules that have no advanced navigation systems such as the Huey and the Mig-21. You enter the coordinates of your waypoints in decimal degrees and the tool automatically calculates (1) distance between waypoints; (2) initial bearing; (3) final bearing; and (4) straight-to heading. I noticed that there is a large discrepancy between calculated bearing and bearing as indicated in the DCS mission planner or on the F10 map. Distances also show a significant difference with DCS calculated distance, whereas the haversine formula should perform well even at meter-scale distances. After ruling out the possibility that my calculations were wrong, I simply took the coordinates of a random point on the DCSW map (Novorossiysk airport) and entered the coordinates into google maps. Guess what? In reality, this point is located 20nm to the southwest. So for your information: refrain from using real world navigational tools in DCS (or tools that are based on real world navigation, such as my tool). And for ED: please correct this.
  19. If you like the BAE Systems Hawk and you haven't been to RAF Valley (EGOV) in North-Wales yet, you must sure plan a visit! I have taken these pictures on the 22nd of July. It was very busy. At one point there was a formation of 4 doing an overhead break, while a helicopter was on final and two Hawks were awaiting departure.
  20. After about 20 takeoffs and landings, I find it pretty easy. I closley monitor the turn indicator on both takeoffs and landings. It warns me in which direction the plane is going to turn. I correct with rudder (or diff brakes on landing) accordingly to prevent escalation. Video of a short circuit, including takeoff and landing (I actually had a small emergency, but later it appeared that the button to start recording actually turned off the fuel pump :lol: :music_whistling:)
  21. I like it. I've adjusted my default view (Rctrl+Rshift+NUMPAD keys to adjust and Ralt + NUM 0 to save position) so that I look directly through the gunsight if it is raised. When I lower the sight, my 'head' moves to the center of the pit. Very happy with this feature. Let it be an option in the 'special' tab for those who do not like it...
  22. It can and sometimes will be used in combat. And the footage may have a training purpose.
  23. It's off by default so it must have been deliberately turned on. I do it too. Immersion you know :)
  24. Yes fix it please! It was reported for the first time on the day the Huey was released. It is a feature that is implemented in all other DCS modules (also modules by BST). So it can't be impossible to fix. LUCKILY it is a known bug since 2013(http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=106102). Sarcasm overload. But do I think that they will fix it? No. It looks like not fixing this bug has become a matter of principle for BST.
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