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  1. ...and they still haven't implemented a way to set three separate buttons corresponding to the weapon burst-length in the Ka-50. ...or provided an enumerated list of the cockpit_device_id:s, the down:s and the corresponding value_down:s in order to let me tinker with the scripting myself in order to get the setup that suits me best. (I still can't use the Autopilot switch on the TM Warthog throttle to set the burst-length reliably :()
  2. I got the messages prompting me for activations, but I was like :huh: and decided to do it later, exiting out of them all. In spite of this the simulator still launched and I was able to complete the A-10C landing training without using any activations. Needless to say this made me even more :huh:
  3. I use the velcro included with the pedals (very easy to remove from a wooden floor and left no stains, I might add) and a couple of chocks (doorstoppers) for my chair. Works perfectly.
  4. My best tip is to find a good, concise startup checklist, then use that for your startups. I started remembering bits and pieces after my fifth startup, and from there I slowly stopped looking at the checklists and started doing it from memory with no lesser success. (for both A-10C and Ka-50) I'm using: This one for A-10C... ...and this one for Black Shark. Also, if you have an iDevice, you can look up "iWarthog" on iTunes, which contains useful checklists for both startup and normal ops.
  5. Thanks. I've been wondering about that for a while.
  6. ...and altitude. IIRC the "K" (half-lead elevated by constant) guidance mode sets the missile on an intercept trajectory without letting the intercept point being below the target altitude. I think that goes a long way to prevent missiles diving into the ground. In addition to that, as previously mentioned... The big boys are there to watch the high altitudes, then force targets into the WEZ of its little bros.
  7. @BIGNEWY That's the good thing about A-10C, because it's no big deal if the switch is in the wrong position when you start the simulator. Glad you got it working, though :thumbup: I think there's been complaints about the EAC lacking a "cycle" command, because as it stands, it requires two buttons to operate, if you don't have a toggle switch at the ready. I guess you could use some sort of script for it, where the pushbutton sends out alternating keypresses, but DCS does not appear to support this. I'll get back to you in case I find something, but you should search the forum because I seem to recall someone writing a tutorial on this before.
  8. I'm sorry, Bignewy... but I can't tell the difference, except for the line numbering...? 510 {combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN19"}, }, down = iCommandPlaneAHCPMasterArm, name = "Master switch ARM", category = "Armament HUD Control Panel"}, Do you mean this bit: [...] combos = {{key = "JOY_BTN19"}, } [...] ? If you do, then I was a bit unclear in the section for the A-10C. The combos section denotes (fairly clearly) which button is bound to the action in question, and the lack of that bit only indicates the button is unbound on the device you're looking at. Am I missing something now, or did I miss something when I wrote the tutorial? :P
  9. Incidentally, due to the stuff needed to use Black Shark 2, a person interested in some Black Shark action is most likely cheaper off getting Black Shark 3. ;) (I WANT IT)
  10. Sounds a bit like an axis conflict to me. Have you made sure you only have one axis bound to the pitch under Axis Assign?
  11. This happened to me when I got a new throttle quadrant. The pitch and roll axes were bound to the levers on this throttle causing a situation where the joystick and the throttles were democratically voting on which position the in-sim stick should be. A quick trip to the options menu later I had reinstated dictatorship in a bloody coup where an entire category was cleared out. It's probably something like this in your case, so it shouldn't be a problem to fix.
  12. Page 47; Item #1 Page 93; Described under the AN/APS-13 RWR section (still, a picture of the light would be nice for the next revision of the manual, pretty please? ;))
  13. :huh: Looks like that fellow in the Mercedes might have reason to be worried. :D
  14. I always interpreted the popped smoke as "Touché, good Sir"... but I do tend to drop LGBs on them... Is there any footage of a tank actually popping smoke out there? (the only one I saw on YT was pretty low quality :()
  15. A horrible way as opposed to this stuff? Just... Humans have interesting ways of killing each other, don't we? (OT: I'm also in favour of napalm in DCS)
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