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  1. very good points and additon. would be cool if ED would update/upgrade the system complex regarding your information!
  2. great addition, thank you very much. please consider to do some soviet/russian related stuff like walls, fences, barriers, blast walls, revetments, barb wire etc.
  3. wow, this list sounds simply amazing!! really looking forward to it!
  4. great news! maybe the Mi-6 is also included. . . ?? that would be amazing!!
  5. oh, please do not misunderstand - your mod is most wanted and more than welcome and long awaited!! it was a real game changer for 2.5.x and i am very happy to download it asap for 2.7.x finally. just judging from the pictures - it seems that there are some new ground textures(?) and new stuff (templates?) - but maybe i am wrong.
  6. woooohoooo. . . really?? could you do this too for some soviet era airfield stuff - like hangars, shelters, ammo depots. parking areas, towers, garages, dislocation etc??
  7. Crazyeddie, amazing news, thank you very much for all your hard work and effort to the DCS community!!!
  8. GREAT news crazyeddie. . . and great mods from all of you guys, wish i had your talents!
  9. crazyeddie, thanks a lot as always. . . great work! by the way and not want toc hack this thread - , have you time and ressource to make your 2.5.x building and assets mod (the one with new textures, using all the stock ed-2d models - making working for 2.7.x again?
  10. please help the community and do this - some soviet/russian airbase equipment, this would be exciting news!!!
  11. all honor to zei, blue sky forever! but how to dousing the mig in the current version of dcs ?? we need urgently the UB for mision building . ..
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