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  1. Not sure if that was for me or some other post I missed.. The reason why I dont like NTTR or Hormuz is exactly the reason why I dont like A-10 in Georgia! So I feel no need for showing A-10 action over russia since the point is exactly that. Im not sure you get it. People love WWII in DCS, but they hate that its a map which didnt see much dogfight in real life. WWII doesnt fit in right now or in the planned map. I get that you are a community manager an all, I wouldnt want to have your job. But if you think there is to much talk of different stuff like WWII, it probably wont help if you continue to bring up the subject by mentioning it. :helpsmilie: I like this chit-chat. :thumbup:
  2. I see your point, but I think its important to acknowledge that gamers/simmers are different. While some wants a plausible "what if in the future, event" requiring all sorts of fantasy I don't seem to have anymore :P - some gamers wants to re-live the past wars that actually happened, just as it has been done through gaming with WW2 for a long time now. And then theres a whole other group of people who doesnt care, buys everything and just flies the things until a new plane comes along they can jump into, join a PVP server, shoot at other players and etc. I want the real thing, that happened. Fly the real places, with the planes that where there in real life not to long ago. Be a part of a war that has taken place. Thats why Hormuz, NTTR etc wont get my money and thats not anyones fault but my own. Im just saying, I personally wished for a more directional approach. Because I fear that with the year(s) each module takes, DCS is over before it's "done". As to Sithspawns "A-10c's against RU equipment on RU soil".. - Never. Thats exactly why I cant stick to the A-10c. I like destroying RU equipment, but the sim doesnt allow me to destroy RU equipment on IRAQI soil. At least in the original Georgia map an actual georgia/russian war requires least amount of what little fantasy I have left and is also the same reason why I cant seem to leave the SU-25 alone even though I have most other plane modules.
  3. I agree with OP. And the maps are mostly explained with being old promises, but I find it to be some wierd promises to make in the first place. :) I personally love to create maps for Arma, but with A3, I lost pretty much all interest in the game, so I have a hard time getting them done. I wish there where a better way to get into map making for DCS, because right now all the DCS content seems so... random... And I love to create stuff, but I hate it when I dont want to use it my self. As an example, an afghan or Iraq map would really make me enjoy the A-10c or SU-25 for a very long time because of the scenario/history posibilities. I would love to start on an afghan map myself -but unless Im mistaken, right now there really is no way to create stuff like that unless you are some kind of approved pro-developer team. My personal wish for DCS, is the ability to get into map-making and more consistent "realism-themed" developing instead of random this and that. (Yes I know, different developers..)
  4. Could not agree more. Being able to do this in-game and in-editor would be a huge win.
  5. Well done, great detailing! :thumbup:
  6. I know it's a bit off topic but I just had to argue against this. Online stats makes modding and custom missions impossible. So it's either mods/custom missions OR online stats. Here's a few examples.. ---Battlefield genre--- @Battlefield 2 Highly modded, it is stil played by thousands each day. (Project Reality) Unmodded, it wouldnt be. @Battlefield 3/4 Modding is 100% no go since stats, unlocks and DLC's became the stuff kids want. ---GTA genre--- @Grand theft auto 4. Highly modded, being able to mess around in multiplayer with friends in a highly modded game - being as free as you want to. @Grand theft auto 5. Mods only singleplayer. Multiplayer modding will get you banned because of... Online stats system. ---Flight sims--- @IL2 cliffs of dover. Probably wouldnt be played as much as it does without team fusion mod. Team fusion mod wouldnt work with online stats as it turns IL2cod to a entire different game. ILbos is a great example. In all cases, the main reason is that stats can't be kept under control if the game isnt locked to be as the developers want it to be, so every player has 100% the same user interface. All im saying is... Eagle dynamics - don't you even think about it! :D
  7. Hi guys. The mission I'm creating right now will end and restart if any player dies/ejects. I've made this happen through triggers and flags. This is the kind of hardcore gameplay I like, because it forces players to care for their life, and their aircraft which eventually leads more to learning and creating new tactics in my humble opinion. But a major problem is it won't allow for software/hardware crashes and re-joining. And if you are playing with more than 1 or 2 of your buddies, it starts to get annoying. I was wondering if it would be possible to create a delay for players re-spawning instead? In example, when ejecting/dying you need to wait 5/10 minutes to respawn in a new plane. Also, I don't do scripting at all, other than activating and turning on numbers in existing scripts.. So if the only option is some scripting sorcery, don't bother. :lol: /Grizzly
  8. Thanks. Well, I dont know why you would say there is no effect. That whole black-grey area after the exhaust above the wings, hardly have any color in it at all. Which is soot from the exhaust. :thumbup: I know I didnt paint 50% of that area black from exhaust like a lot of others do, because I think it's a bit excessive to be honest. Thank you, glad you like it!
  9. Ocean and cold, makes me think of iceland. Didnt they station a lot of f14's there to intercept in case the soviet went past scandinavia?
  10. That looks so good! The footprints might look a bit "too perfect" but no matter, great job!
  11. Ah thanks! Didn't think of that. I'll update it asap. EDIT: Should be fixed now - V1.1 out. Thanks again for mentioning it!
  12. Thanks guys! Sabre-TLA, I should be able to, whats wrong with it?
  13. Here's a few liveries I have been working on for a long time now for the 109. My intent is to release a pack of four planes total from the same group. Here's two of them, Rotte 2 is in the making. Late development video: Features: - Pack 1/2. (Rotte 1) – Two planes, black 1 and 2. – Each texture/plane unique with its own details, camouflage and weathering. If you see any errors at all, let me know! :book: Download: Rotte 1 - v1.1 Rotte 2 - WIP
  14. Sorry guys, I dont use dropbox anymore and didn't think of the link I had here. Thanks for the rescue manitou! But yeah, you can get it here now http://www.grizzly-simulations.dk/?page_id=134
  15. Hi guys. I want players to be able to fly out to an IP, (trigger 5000) and then recieve a mission in a randomized order so they can destroy the various tasks and sites I come up with.. I have set up a number of late activation units on different sites. Lets say 3 different targets/missions as a start. Each time a player reaches the IP, I want it to select: -1 of the three+ mission sites to activate. -only to select one that has not already been active. I've allready used flag 1-5 for other stuff. What would be the easiest way to do this? :smartass: EDIT: Aww f... wrong place. Needs to be in mission builders corner - sorry.
  16. I did have one long pull where I reached about 5,something. Here you have the whole track for tacview. https://spideroak.com/storage/JV2WOZ3JLA/shared/991493-1-1075/Tacview-20150402-225538-DCS.txt.rar?af5da4727603151f67f1c25721bbfe9f But I was wrong in my initial post, because I estimated my "break pull" to be 5G's which was wrong. I can see tacview stops at 6,5ish and then a second later my plane rips. So maybe tacview dont record the last second of G's and I actually did pull the 8G's as P3CFE refered to as the positive structural limit.
  17. Is that modeled? I like, thanks :thumbup:
  18. Well, nothing fired at me up to that point. So I dont believe I had any damage. But its awesome how that is a factor in the sim. It might be the rate you talk about though. Nevertheless, I dont know if its right or wrong. Im not an expert, but if its supposed to be like this, thats just more fuel for me to fly the 109 more than the p51. I just haven't really read or heard about wings falling of during dogfigthing before. Its new to me that it happens this easily, I didnt have that issue in IL2 46' or CLOD (TF). :pilotfly:
  19. Does anyone know of any actual facts on writing out there, telling how hard a Mustang should be able to pull? 6-7 g's just doesnt sound like much in my ears. Thats true.
  20. I just found a tacview of one of the situations. Actually the one I recorded above.. I dont disagree that I might be pulling to quickly, its not the prettiest pull I do there, but im a little overwhelmed that its this brittle, when the real life P-51 as far as I know - can withstand a hell of a lot more than this. I didnt even get any warnings that I was pulling to hard. No blackout or anything. I read about 6.7g's ? :joystick:
  21. So after having flown the P-51D in DCS in a few online battles I can honestly say I wont be flying it again in any battle, unless its folding wings get fixed. It's just no fun when its (in my oppinion) way to brittle in this sim. As it is right now, I really have to constrain myself when chasing an enemy, and it just takes one little slip and BANG.. One of the wings just rips off when pulling a bit to much. This eventually always happens to me, and I have never had more than 50% fuel or any damage to the plane at all. And I really think im being careful with my stick.. I havent had tacview on it, so I cant see how many G's im pulling but I would estimate it to be around 5 G's tops. Take this as an example.. Trying to outspeed a 109 in a diving 4G turn and yet he pulls this off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Tw76RiTYwRI#t=643 I mean. That has to be 8G's or something instantly. And yet I cant even go over 5G's (estimated) in short periods. Here's an awesome looking example I made. Nothing to back up my theory, it just looks cool. :P Does anyone know if this is on the workbench, if it's just accepted as it is - or me being a shitty pilot? :D
  22. Here is my mad dogfighting skills.. My first online engangement in the P-51D went like this... PAPERWING. I learned the hard way why people where raging in the chatbox with that word.
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