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  1. Thank you so much for your work ! Your kneeboard suite is my travel companion while commuting in the real world. I'm not wasting my time anymore in the parisian subway.
  2. Has ED, at some point or another, mentioned the will to fix the map regarding this slow performance issue ? Was this poor performance even acknowledged ? I know it's a free addition to DCS world, and we shouldn't complain, but since it's not playable for most VR users, it feels like a waste of hard and dedicated work. All in all the Marinanas is a lovingly crafted map.
  3. Hi guys, and thank you muelch for this amazing work. Like mentioned in a different thread I ( and a few others) have had good results caping the RAM with memory cleaner https://www.koshyjohn.com/software/memclean/ All I need to do is running this app in the backgroupnf and check in the options "staying under 80% of RAM", not too sure how it can help, but definitely worth trying
  4. You VR experience will need some compromise, for sure, but like everyone else you'll have some compromises to decide on.. A 1080 TI should run DCS smoothly as long as you are not to greedy when it comes to eye candy. I had a good first VR experience running DCS on a 1070. If you have DCS on Steam, I recommend launching the game with oculusVR rather than SteamVR. Leave your Quest 2 parameters on default or recommended resolutions and frequency in oculus software, start from a Low DCS graphic configuration and slowly increase the quality one paramater at the time. Check the framerate impact for each parameter, and always choose smoothness and FPS over eyecandy. Otherwise you'll get sick and you don't want the VR experience looking like a powerpoint slideshow.
  5. I had issues with my Quest 2 and the lower tier of the display. Got rid of it by reducing the bitrate of the encoded video running through the USB cable. Go to oculus debug tool (ODT) which is installed somewhere by default, and modify variable bitrate to a capped value , 500 if I recall correctly.
  6. FWIW I run memory cleaner right before launching DCS... and forget it. I haven't checked the actual memory usage of my 32gb with and without memorycleaner. Right now, the VR stutters that were plaguing my game after a while seems to be gone. I can play as much as I want without restarting / alt-tabing DCS. One possible explanation could be related to some kind of memory leak that fills the RAM forcing the system to swap data on the hard drive.Since the RAM is prevented from being maxed out, there is no swap file on the HD and no VR stutters. I know it seems simplistic as an explanation, but it's plausible enough to me.
  7. So far so good ! @Gruble Thank you very much for the tip, in my case this memory cleaner tool is a blessing
  8. Like Digitalvole I have recently succeded with air-refueling for the first time. Everything has been said, but in all honesty I was considering this task impossible for me. I believe my issue was being too nervous and I overcompensate with unvolontary strong stick inputs when closing to the basket. The trick that worked for me to avoid those large uncontroled stick movements was to make tons of micro stick back and forth inputs. In order to dampen my inputs I'm shaking the stick with small movements around the desired position. Quit unorthodox but efficient in my case, it looks like I have tremors or shakiness. So far it makes sense since you are supposed to "walk the throttle" all the time and pushing it back and forth for a good precision on a carrier landing. Same goes for stick input ! After a while, and some more practice, it seems I can almost fly normaly to the basket without so much trembling.
  9. I have tried memclean with very good results for VR related problems on my system. There is another thread in the VR sub-section that suggests using memcleaner with auto-trim set to 80% (tick the first two options). After a while many VR users, including me , are suffering from "display stuttering". This often happens after respawingn or jumping from F10 map or external views. This makes the VR experience unplayable, and generally forces me to restart DCS. A common trick to get rid of this stuttering is to alt-tab out from DCS and go back after 30sec or so. It doesn't work all the time, but so far it's the best work around the VR community came up with. VR dedicated PCs are quite difficult to stabilize for DCS and it's all about achieving a compromise between eye candy vs FPS performance. I'm far from being an expert but the "memory leak" hypothesis has been around for a while, at least it makes sense to me and could explain a lot of issues. Using this memory cleaner tool has recently proven efficient in my case, but it could also adress a larger problem most DCS users are suffering from.
  10. I have tried memcleaner for a few sessions and it seems all my stutters are gone ! This might be a little bit soon to claim victory, and I should make some further investigations. So far the results are very promising. can anyone concur ?
  11. Thank you, I will give this a try. It might proves helpful since a well known trick in VR, is to alt-tab out of DCS and go back after a while (a minute or so) I will let you know if this helps
  12. FWIW, I have dedicated a small desktop workstation (dell optiplex 7040) to the sole purpose of running Through The Inferno server. It works quite well and spare some computing power to my gaming PC which is running VR. I haven't done any benchmarks, but it certainly helps. Especially on complex missions. My friends can join the server as well using my public IP. Even If my gaming PC crashes or needs rebooting, the server is still running the mission in background and we can reconnect whenever we want. Having my own private DCS server is cool and a refurbished dell optiplex 7040 is quite cheap.
  13. Better yet, try to match the pilot body to your real counterparts limbs. It makes the pit snug and fit like a tailored suit. If find this method more natural than trying to guess the stick, seat and gauges proper size.
  14. Hi, could you be more specific about "resetting the computer" ? Thank you
  15. FWIW , I avoid SteamVR, so far I have better performance using OculusVR. I also think the settings are more straightforward. Everything is on default on OculusVR parameters, then I tweak DSC settings to my likings
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