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  1. Could you email me the mission file (.cf) so I can debug? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, CombatFlite update is out! Among other things, featuring the support for the new Apache module. List of changes: Added DCS AH-64D Added new DCS callsigns for F-16, F/A-18, F-15E, B-52, B-1, AH-64 Added new DCS Syria theater Iraqi airbases and heliports Added DCS F-16CM BDU-50 practice bombs Added orbit 15-degree and 5NM increments when drawing them (hold SHIFT) Fixed wind corrections Fixed DCS Al Minhad ATC frequency Several helicopter-related features are in the working, together with simple fuel calculations for all aircraft. Will go in the next update. Cheers, Viper
  3. Your antivirus is probably blocking the application. Please add CF manually in your antivirus software as an exception. Then update CF to the latest version ( either automatically after CF startup or via the the wyUpdate exe in the CombatFlite installation folder. After that the issue should be resolved. Thank you, Viper
  4. Copy. Can you please send your crashlog over? It is located in Documents\CombatFlite. Thanks!
  5. Hi,

    congrats for this software, super well done! 
    I have few question.

    I tried to set a target over a building in combatflite using the satellite bing map. When I import the mission in dcs, I notice that the same target does not correspond. 
    Do you confirm that the bing map and dcs satellite map do not correspond? They are about 700 meters off…so not possibile to set a target over a building..

    Last question is about Atis. How does it work? I mean, I tried to set a frequency in combatflite but I can’t hear the Atis if I tune the same frequency in dcs..


    thank you so much in advance for your attention!





    1. Cafo_78


      Ok…thanx for the answers….

  6. Hi Goofeyfoot, Make sure your flight's task is SEAD (which it probably is) and that you have a 'Push Point' type of waypoint somewhere in the flight's route. A push point is usually placed at the forward edge of battle area. It marks the transition from the transit phase of the flight to the combat task phase of the flight, as per the flight's mission. The CF export logic uses the Push Point as the start point of the the SEAD itself (with corresponding waypoint tasks being created in the DCS mission). Regards, Viper
  7. Hi El Chapo, Yes, you can export coordinates of objects such as polygons, circles, orbits, reference points using the 'Export to .txt' function. Regarding waypoint coordinates, you can open a kneeboard window of a given flight and export the navlog or mission data card into a .png or print it as a pdf.
  8. Hi Michael, The reference points and other objects are there to simplify the mission planning process. When you snap your waypoints to them, stuff happens in the background. I would kindly point you to the User's Manual (accessible via the Help tab in CF). Cheers,
  9. Hi Prelude, The only way to share data with your group is to send them your .cf file (the CombatFlite mission file). The others can then either simply open it, or import stuff from it (individual object layers or flights) to a new or existing CF mission. If you're looking for an online real-time planning feature, that is not implemented in CF. Noted the "notes" for polygons Thanks! Sorry, missed that. Will fix that ASAP and release in the next update. Thanks for pointing that out! Thanks for the link! At the moment, there is a variety of APP-6 symbols available to be added to your mission. Will expand them to cover also surface units/ships.
  10. CombatFlite update is released! Changes: Added DCS Mosquito FB VI Added CBU-105, AGM-154A for DCS F-16CM Added AGM-65E2/L for DCS AV-8B N/A Cheers,
  11. Yes, it will be added very soon in an update. You mean real-world low-level routes and restricted areas?
  12. CombatFlite update v. is available since yesterday. Cyprus and Slovenia was added into the country list, which should alleviate the reported import issue. Cheers, Viper
  13. Hi Paladin1cd, That issue is caused by Cyprus and Slovenia (countries which were recently added to DCS) are missing in CF. A fix is being uploaded at the moment... Thanks, Viper
  14. Can you send the miz file over to combatflite at combatflite dot com please? Thanks!
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