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  1. ST0RM


    "Georgette, what's wrong?" "Nothing, I'm fine!" Immediately crash helo into ground and spare yourself the headache
  2. Dont mind Rudel. He seems to come to the aid of every dev and talk down to anyone who dares question anything. A WWII module that has taken this long, does raise questions though.
  3. Would make for an interesting WHIF and addition to REDFOR side. or https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/imgs/lrg/mil-mi28-havoc_17.jpg
  4. ST0RM


    There isn't a paint job for TPS #15, but thanks to Santus, I did find the normal red/white scheme where he said it was.
  5. I really appreciate the work you and any others have put into this mod. It's a work of art. Thanks!
  6. Search the User Files. Unfortunately, there are several
  7. Experienced this very thing last night, under the exact circumstances. I was up front with a live pilot. We got shot down and immediately took the same slots and reentered the game. Did not go back to spectator. Several bound controls no longer worked.
  8. Same deal with the Reverb G1. Discovered this last night.
  9. It's on the 10 year plan.
  10. ST0RM

    6th SOS Mi-8 Hip

    Looks perfect. I'll just remove the BORT numbers from the LUA and it'll be 100%. Thank you again. It's very appreciated.
  11. ST0RM

    6th SOS Mi-8 Hip

    Thank you. I'll try it tonight.
  12. ST0RM

    6th SOS Mi-8 Hip

    Thanks. I tried to download it, but it did not take me to the actual file, but to where I could upload. So the file appears to have been removed
  13. Back in the mid 90's, the Navy paid for the contract to modify 45 KC-135Rs to the MPRS standard. Because of the limited amount of fuel being passed via the BDA (Iron Maiden), they deemed it necessary to allow more than one receiver to refuel and decrease the likelihood of a "sour" tanker. IIRC, only 27 sets of pods were delivered and currently the AF maintains 20 aircraft. The Tomcat WAS refueling from MPRS and was very involved with the initial testing (as was the S-3). Wing clearance, flow rates, etc... The reason you believe that most Navy aircraft refuel from the BDA is that there are simply more KC-135s without MPRS, than with. A BDA can quickly be mounted on a boom, as the mission requires.
  14. Bump. Ya know, because we're still awaiting the big reveal from early last year.
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