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  1. As i remain a vr ‘nerd’ and i do not have to money to buy a Varjo XR3 (well I do but It is just to expensive for home use) and I tested almost every other headset I settled with the valve index, It seems to be the headset with a decent FOV, great colors and sound and not that much blurrier then a G2 which isn’t always a stutter fest. Maybe in a couple of years we will have true mixed reality headset with great resolutions and FOV which run on ‘affordable’ systems.
  2. I already have such kind of device, and it doesn't seem te work, maybe i need to buy another one, but a new setup sounds tempting I am also thinking its could be my power supply (it is the oldest piece in my setup), i am gonna swap out motberboard and powersupply
  3. I am having constant tracking issues with my index, at first I tought it was the cable but then it stopped working all together and valve sent me a new one. After a lot of testing and back and forth mailing with valve tec support we came to the conclusion it’s my motherboard (specifically) USB chipset that is causing issues, apparently there isn’t enough bandwidth or the chip is bad. If I have no other usb device plugged in (just the valve index usb in a 3.1 usb slot), I have 0 to no tracking issues, if I plug in more usb devices (like joystick, throttle….) the issues get worse to unplayable, so I tend to believe valve tec support. Also it gets way worse if I use the controllers. My motherboard is a Asus Z390-A (1151 socket), any advice on a new motberoard would be appreciated, especially fellow flight simmers who use a lot of usb devices and have no issues with the index.
  4. Also have it since this weekend, super sharp image, almost everything is readable in cockpit now.
  5. Nice to see the discussion going, I think we can all agree on one thing: we want VR to succeed for DCS in particular and flightsimming in general. The thing is to get it mainstream. I saw an online survey somewhere that +- 15% of the player base has a VR headset, that’s not enough to get the dev’s attention. More people need to play in VR, but to do so it needs to be more affordable, VR headset (especially the quest 2) are affordable, software is affordable but the monster of a pc you need to assure people get the wow effect (and stay with VR) is not affordable for the mainstream gamer/simmer/fight enthusiast. We don’t want to be the 1% of the 1% playerbase, but to change that the software needs to be more performant, but why should a developer put effort and money in it if is a niche. Maybe an other paradox?
  6. I’ve been in VR since the rift CV1, the vive pro was its successor and then the reverb G1 together with the pimax 5k super (which i both still have now). I have a 9900k with a 3080 card and I struggle to get decent framerates with my Reverb G1, it goes super with the pimax but it feels like i had a drink too much because it’s blurry. I feel like I fell into the ‘FPS chase strap’ and I cant get out. If you fly high in the sky its al fun and games but if you do helo flying low level it’s a stutter fest. Of course these are well known problems and are for now not solvable, i know they talk about vr optimization in the future but the maps that are coming out are getting heavier and heavier, it seems like vr headsets and developers are doing a fabulous job, gorgeously looking maps and planes even a 1/1 world representation in FS2020 and my god those dcs clouds are gorgeous. On the other hand it seems impossible to buy decent hardware to run al that eye candy on. Now here’s the paradox, I can’t get back to pancake mode but I can’t get VR to work properly. Am I the only one?
  7. i found it, it's only possible at 90hz, thanks
  8. I just got mu 5k super in and i cannot select large fov, only smal and normal. in normal it is a bit larger but not to the level i say ‘wow’. I cannot see the wings in a f18 or f16. am i doing something wrong?
  9. If you don't want to wait: i have a second hand set on sale:
  10. Thanks for the tips guys, problem solved. Apparently i had a lot of other devices (that i do not use, like a button box) that automatically mapped rudder input. i deleted them all and the problem was solved.
  11. After flying the F18 and huey for the last years I am getting back to the harrier (campaigns always lure me back to a module). After freshening up my knowledge on sensors and systems I attempted several ship landings in VTO, the issue I have is when I use the pedals (rudder input) it very quickly gets into a horizontal spin were I cannot get out. If I remember correctly I did not have that issue in earlier development stage of the module. Am I doing something wrong? Or is rudder input a nogo for the harrier in VTO modes?
  12. VIRPIL VPC WarBRD base + WarBRD Grip + Constellation Delta Grip for sale. Bought in november 2018, in very good condition, including 2x 3d printed extensions and 2x 3d printed supports, warranty cards are also included. I have to many joysticks so one has to go . Shipping inside EU available, goods are in the Netherlands and can of course be picked up as well. Price: € 350 excluding shipping (depends on country). Contact me via PB or Whatsapp (+32478735324).
  13. The distance is roughly 2cm's. But i don't think it goes 16° in bank sideways, it doesn't feel like that. Maybe i got a setting wrong but it feels like it can handle more angle in pitch then in bank.
  14. This is my 15 year old 'pit', it was a tripple monitor setup but VR brought it back to one . Distance between the two sides is 52 cm ans it fits perfectly. one side is on wheels and opens up so it is easy to get in. Currently my GA option with yoke is installed but in a couple of minutes my joystick can be center mounted with 10cm extension.
  15. Hi Hunchy, Thanks fo reading my post. For me personally it's not a deal breaker that my controls are not moving (it doesn't even feel like that, it even helps in tricking your brain because your hands are not moving and your body is, so your brain tells you watch out something is moving). In all the gametrix seat gives you more feedback but the seatmover is more fun. Have been bush flying this weekend in FS2020 with the cub, this is where the seat comes to life. I use the entire range of the motion without any balancing problems, i even lifted the back of the seat 1cm because it feels more comfortable without any problem. In My opinion a seat mover together with a G-seat kind of system is the way to go for immersion, the over the top moving systems only create discomfort (they are probably very cool to play but for long sessions its not the way to go).
  16. I just wanted to give my humble opinion about my first steps into motion platforms, as useful information for people who are looking into this side of the hobby (which is a ‘niche’ in a ‘niche’). I was not really considering getting into motion simming but got the change to take over a complete home build cockpit for a very reasonable price only 20 minutes away from my home. I already have a reasonable complete rig but needed a new seat and a new yoke for my GA flying so I bought the entire thing. Setup was easier than I expected, with the rig there was also a licence for sim racing studio (who also have plugins for a lot of flying games like DCS ,FS2020, x-plane…. , I plugged the usb cable in opened the software, started DCS and it worked! At first it seemed that the rig was moving randomly and not reacting to the game’s input but after thinkering a bit with the software everything more or les worked as it should. I used it together with the gametrix seat and programmed the seat to start working after motion ended. For example, in a turn the seat moves to its physical boundary and if you roll the plane more the G-force reaction of the seat kicks in. So you have ‘reaction’ in every angle of a turn. For pitch more or less the same. With this kind of configuration you can feel when your plane does something unwilling (for example if you are busy looking at one of the MFD’s and forgot your AP). I would not say it feels like the real thing (never flown a jet but flown GA aircraft and did a couple of glider seasons) therefore it is too violent in steps (you feel that it is more or less build for sim racing where you need brisk strong reactions), but if you allow your mind to get tricked into it, it is a very decent substitute. It gives you more sense of the position of the plane in the sky which in turn helps for better flying and landing. Cool gimmicks are carrier launch and braking where you get pushed around like the real thing. Pro’s: - It tricks your brain more or less into motion so in that regard it promises what it is advertised for. But only in VR, in pancake mode it is annoying. - It fits in a convenient pit, so you don’t have to reorganize everything. - It doesn’t make any noise at all. - Very easy setup. Contra’s: - It’s expensive in regard to bang for bucks, if you are limited in money invest it in a good pc and especially in a good VR headset which in my opinion saved the entire hobby. - You need a car racing kind of seat so you don’t fall of when it moves violently, its cost extra and is not always comfortable for long sessions.
  17. Thanks for the advice, tested a few configurations yesterday and ended up with the soft aviator cams and single #50's. The 'click' is gone but still a bit to soft around the center for me but already a huge difference.
  18. Hi Guys, Recently bought a Gunfighter MKIII with the 10 cm extension. Really like the product. But i am a bit struggling which cams and spring combination to use. I personally like strong recentering but no click around the middle (smooth transition between the axis). I used the aviator and space cams with moderate strong springs but i always get the 'click'. On my previous TM Warthog is never had the 'click' and it is a bit hard to get used to. Any Advise
  19. Hi, I installed FPSVR and it is a bit of a dissapointment, my CPU is bottlenecking regarding frametimes. i guess only a new CPU will solve my problem?
  20. My PD is set to 1, with a new (beta copy) its the same, not one core is getting to 100% I have no idea
  21. Hi Adam, I am installing a new copy (beta) of dcs, lets see what that gives.
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