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  1. Very excited for the La-7. Absolute beast of a fighter!
  2. VH-Rock

    Skins forum

    Can we get an area in the forums for Mosquito skins please, like we do for other modules. I've had a look and I'm sure I can't see an area already created, but we have one for the Me-262? certain there's going to be a lot of people wanting to release skins for this one!
  3. Unless the release of the Mosquito is dependent on features that are required by the Mossie but are not unique to it and not currently part of DCS world... Without the patch, the Mossie simply wouldn't work. ED know what they're doing - leave them to it.
  4. Quite simple really - it's not ready yet. The original due date is irrelevant - If it's not ready, it won't be released.
  5. There is also a Tempest II due to fly in the U.K very shortly which TFC will have access to if they wanted. I'd love to see a tempest in DCS and I've always favored the II over the V, personally. But I would love a Griffon Spit, too!
  6. That's why I'm asking for the option The Mustang has a line in the description.lua that allows either a modern or WWII style helmet - there's absolutely no reason the same principle couldn't be applied to the uniform/body, too. It's a nice option to have And I really wish all the warbirds gave us the ability to have the modern pilot in the cockpit... Either way, I'll enjoy flying the G-91
  7. We will discuss with the team this possibility Great news - Thank you very much
  8. Yes please! For those of use that fly classic aircraft in the modern environment, it's nice to have the option of a modern pilot in the cockpit I really wish ED would allow modern pilots in the other warbirds like they do in the P-51.
  9. Hi @6S.Duke, would it be possible to do something similar to the P-51? The P-51 uses a visibility argument controlled in the description.lua of each livery to allow the user to show either a modern or WWII helmet? If you have both modeled and textured already, it would be a nice feature to have and should be quite simple to implement
  10. Yes, it's frustrating. But, it's so much better to fix this stuff now than after release... With a new external 3D model, all the LODS will need to be remade (usually 3 or 5), the various states of damage will need to be remade (Again, usually 3 - 5 different states), the collision model might need to be remade and then all the textures will need to be re-done. There's no guarantee that all this had been completed for the previous model, so pulling the plug early and starting from scratch saves all that duplicated time. The other thing is, any user made skins would all be for nothing if the 3D model was replaced. Yes, the delay is unfortunate, but it's the right call. We should be applauding ED for having the guts to delay a release until the product is right, rather than releasing a sub-par 3D model just to get the cash rolling in. I sincerely hope they maintain this attitude for future releases
  11. I'm sure they could do this in just over 1 minute when the crew was operating at full capacity - really not too bad
  12. Really interesting video! Looking forward to some Corsair carrier ops!
  13. I would expect the Spitfire to be significantly worse than the P-51. Same power, much lighter airframe, narrower gear, smaller rudder and a none steerable tailwheel... You have to be on the ball with the Spitfire. Like the others say, turn the assists off and learn the aeroplane It's a very rewarding aircraft to handle in the circuit when you get used to it. Even if you don't have pedals, it's more than possible to take-off & land with keyboard inputs.
  14. @NineLineSame here. Running a fresh install on a brand new PC and I still have this issue. Can confirm it's definitely not fixed. It's quite the immersion killer.
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