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  1. So what about the Mk V, probably the most useless bomb in simulator history, if simulated correctly. ..
  2. The mk V bomb uses a no 17 pistol which has delay times of a minimum 30 mins, up to a max of 36 hrs. delay. It is a "one off" bomb, specially made to use up a stock of old obsolete long fuses and cannot be used with anything else. ..
  3. Do this for any slider or rotator. It simply limits the travel of the lever for a max of 40 lb. This means you can apply full brakes without fear of a nose over or tail lift, which will damage the tailwheel. The wheel brakes themself, are the problem, not the lever travel or brake pressure. This is a work-round for a problem caused by an update and needs to be fixed.
  4. It handles beautifully. Check tailwheel in de brief. It might be broken. It can turn inside its own wingspan. It does have differential brakes. My take offs are perfectly straight. Maybe it's you. ..
  5. I tried the rockets today. Using Eastchurch, Channel Map. 8 rockets, fuel 100%. Taxi and T/O perfectly normal and easily controllable. Actually hitting my target ship is a problem, so I'm practicing with a RL profile. Dive from 2000' @ 45 deg. Guns @ 1500' to 1000'. Rockets @ 500' using a button on the throttle. Great fun. ..
  6. I find the manual can sometimes be handy to do this job. (Page 119). ..
  7. I stopped using a button to operate the brake lever, which became unusable due to the drums locking solid and changed to a slider, which meant I could reduce lever travel in the editor. With 40 lb pressure, I can use full braking without any chance of a brake locking and causing a nose over. ..
  8. Nothing changed here. Taxi T/O and landing same as before, but I'll keep checking. Brakes were locking solid from about 2 patches ago, lifting tail with the slightest touch and then nosing over, something a Mosquito doesn't do. Noted by several people. I cured it with a work round. Limit brake pressure to 40 lb. ..
  9. Add this to the list of amphibious vehicles. ..
  10. This was pointed out right from the start, but despite it starting as an all grass French fighter station IRL, it has not been modelled as such and only the German concrete part is usable. The grass part is not airfield quality and is the draggy general grass. Having said that, you should be able to T/O and land within the concrete part. ..
  11. I would go for brake binding. I tried this mission and I've not flown the Spit for a very long time, but there was no problem with the ground surface and you get a small headwind (Rnwy 05), which will make it easier. Landing, taxi and T/O was normal. Check there is no pressure on the brake gauge, which will mean a Settings thing. Post a track, if you're still having problems. ..
  12. Thanks. Just what I need for Rochester Airport. ..
  13. No 12 bomb bay long range tank, is not fitted in our Mossie and therefore is always empty. No 10 is the Centre tank. No 2 Stub tank, are Inner tanks, (gauges on left). No 4 Outer tanks (gauges on right). It's an arrangement that even confused pilots. ..
  14. DIY. Rochester aircraft factory. Air raid in progress. Landing on 20. ..
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