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  1. So now the x55 is on it's way :) looking forward to get it :) thanks for the advice all.
  2. I am planning on getting a new hotas and could use a little advice. Right now I have a TM t.flight hotas x. I have looked at two hotas to replace it. Either the x52 pro or the x55 rhino. The games it is going to be used with are A10C and Elite Dangerous. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Best regards Anders M. L.
  3. Thanks for the help. Got it to work now :)
  4. Hi :) Game = A-10C I hope someone can help me. Got the TM T-flight hotas x. joystick, but I got a problem with my throttle when it is in the lowest setting my planes engines runs at about 50% :joystick: What do I need to change to make it 0 % ? Thanks for your time and help -Anders. M. L.
  5. Hey. I am trying todo the training mission in A-10C game. But when the speaker say press space to begin nothing happens. My space is set as gun trigger. In the options control menu. Thanks for your time and help :) -Anders.
  6. Thanks for the answer, but it don't work.
  7. Hey :) I want to use my logitech g600 mouse to look around my cockpit. Like if I hold down alt+ctrl and move the mouse I can look around. I have tried to find the setting in the game but have failed. Please help :) Thanks for your time and help. Anders L.
  8. Got it to work. After I deleted the folder where the setting was in,
  9. I just bought the a10-c game. Have the TM T.Flight hotas x. I am doing one of the training missions called*Litening II AT targeting. At some point in the mission the instructor tell me to switch to IR vision, by pressing the hotas boat switch that I dont have or use right alt+left arrow key but the game dont have that combo and I am not allowed to make it. I use this* http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=83516*setup for the stick. Hope someone in here can help me. Anders
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