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  1. Hi everyone, i really like the idea about having a dynamic campaign and put ourself into it insteat just doing predefined missions... But im curious how much i need to to on the mission planer. Cause i dont know anything about planing attacks, about a good positioning of waypoints, about flightlevel or which payload is suited the best for the task. I remember Falcon 4. There i just select a mission that i want to do and get a predefined payload, waypoints ect, so i can just focus on flying the plane. is this also an option in the Potus campaign?
  2. So bought it a few seconds ago and give it a shot. I really want to support that kind of camapigns. :)
  3. Thanks for the answer. Any ETA for the Tutorial campaign? If its not to long i will wait until that. I still has aome experience in flying the Bug, habe it since release. But i stiped flying DCS last autumn cause i with a new job, wife and kids, learning the aircraft is now more frustrating the fun. AAR and Case 1 are no problem but im not very experienced in releasing weapons except the must easy one like MK82 CCIP or A-A. So i hoped to do the titorisl campaign first so i know what todo. Do you plan (if its financial successfull) to add other campaigns sith the bug or other aircrafts? Maybe i will buy it just to support it and wait until tutorial is live.
  4. Hi everybody, saw the trailer and read the reddit and it sounds awesome!!! It fills a niche between full arcade ace combat and full hardcore Simulation. For people like me who want to fly but dont have the time to go all in. But i have a few questions. 1. Are the mentioned tutorial campaign avaible? 2. Is AAR a thing? 3. Do you use Case 1/2/3 for carrier landings? 4. What is the average playtime and how many missions could we see?
  5. Hi, any news about this? Ah forget it. American date system fooled me.
  6. we plan a huge mission with several flights starting from the Supercarrier. As human Airboss i want to launch every flight together bit i cant do that when someone could spawn randomly directly on the Cat. Is there a way to let the planes only spawn on parking positions?
  7. At 10nm from tacan you should see the carrier.
  8. I removen the FLOLs per Mod. Much bether now. :D
  9. You should see the infos on the monitors
  10. Maybe its about how you land? Sometimes when i do a normal pass the crew go back to the launch positions. But when i got a waveoff but still catch a wire or catch a wire while "bolter" is triggert, the carrier still is in recovery mode.
  11. About 1) when i bolter and fly the extra round i get LSO Calls when i lesve the groove again. You need nothing todo even no new ball call. Just fly the Bolterpattern and you get LSO Calls and Rating.
  12. Yeah i also sont see that. But when you land and die GroundCrew is still on the secure area, you can request launch and they go back to there launch positions.
  13. Never saw a DCS so carrier with so many player-planes around without zero problems. ED GREAT WORK!!!!
  14. Wow indeed, i never thought about that.Thanks for the insight
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