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  1. As many seem to have trouble with this, Imade a video here showing the usual problem and 2 methods to get LOAL to work. specifics are in the description. it works for me every time. this should be enough to get people going or at least enough to work with so others can make a proper tutorial and explain things better than I generally can.
  2. its off topic, but here, I made a video demonstrating this does work. follow along in the description for what I'm doing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7V-y-Bj4pk
  3. it doesnt have problems it works like it should. just need to understand how george is set up if you store the point he doesnt use it. george only uses his tads as acq. if you want to use a point you entered, you have to shoot then tell him to switch to hellfires in lobl so he can start lasing or have a buddy do it. if you want george to lase his own shot you have to be far enough away, have george spot the target, be low if not using direct. command shoot, then pop up so he has line of sight. if using direct you just have to bring your nose down toward the target more than you would in lobl. he will auto lase when missile is part way to the target
  4. Ive done this too. for anything other than dir fire you have to be pretty far away. but it does work. process is the same for all trajectories. get george to mark the target (select it in the menu) when he stores it and you get the tiny box. steer towards the target area and command fire (need to hold it sometimes) and he should shoot the missile and automatically start lasing. if not back off past 5km and try again. if you have a jtac or buddy doing the lasing, select hellfire manually and set a target point at the target area yourself as your acquisition source (VERY IMPORTANT if you dont set a good acq source the missile wont come down when its supposed to and can overshoot the target area)
  5. workarounds to this. for loal, you can shoot the missile from your end. set it up yourself. works fine for jtac or buddy work. if using this and want to self lase, switch george back to lobl mode after launch and his laser turns on. clunky but it works. (this would be FAR easier if george would actually store target points like he says he is. but one day maybe) or, get george to spot the target once visually. then mask yourself, configure him, then george should be using that point (as long as you have not told him to slave again, and you have not told him to to deslave/disengage) and now uses that for the loal shot even if youre behind a hill or tree line. can do your lo/hi shots and pop up a few secs after launch to guide it or not if other laser source. agree it should just work better but it is workable currently.
  6. my in cockpit seat position is too high. I have to scrunch down or slide my chair back to get proper alignment here. even on 2d mode with TIR. really wish they would just fix the seat positions for all aircraft so that center was actually where I should be sitting and looking from my eyes and not staring down at a fire handle with the seated position too far forward and/or high for good operation (see a10 for a good example of way too far forward). seat position mismatching has been an issue for a while and its a bit irritating with newer modules having to try and boresight from a bad position. my back and neck would appreciate better default positions and hud scaling.
  7. ok so in short, george is lying to my face. not cool, george.
  8. I tell CPG George to start tracking a target. he calls "lasing, stored" but nowhere in my coord screen do I see the new target in any of the available sections. am I missing something obvious?
  9. I have this question also
  10. as far as I can tell, yes. unless we get the ability to do mp swaps
  11. he has to have a target selected and be in firing arc. specifics vary with weapon. see the tutorial videos
  12. I also get this. engages fine until he just decides not to anymore
  13. even then. I would like the ability to tell george to use it even if it comes later
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