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  1. Apple has just release the safari browser for windows for anyone tired of IE or Firefox, apparently 2x faster than IE7 according to ibench. Has nice support for RSS feeds too. http://www.apple.com/safari/ Cheers AT
  2. Mugatu is so hot right now he could take a crap, wrap it in tinfoil, put a couple fish hooks on it and sell it to Queen Elizabeth as earrings.
  3. There use to be a red flag movie, not a doco, with F4s I believe called Red Flag (surprise). Left top gun for dead. Qutoe from wiki: "Red Flag was also depicted in a 1970s TV movie "Red Flag: The Ultimate Game". Red Flag is also featured in a 2004 IMAX film Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag."
  4. Don't know about you but my F-15C can pitch up/down, roll left/right, yaw left/right :P ... But I think we are all looking forward to the next announcement post BS.
  5. Laptop displays are set to change very very soon, maybe next month ... LED
  6. Can we get a tacview recording of red flag with the update rate set to 0 (every frame). Be interesting to see if it was an extrapolatin error of the missiles position. Still waiting for the actual track to be posted?
  7. Maybe you need Awacs so at least u can get a bogie dope on the jammer.
  8. By the way loved the first Red Flag, congrats to all involved.
  9. Su-33, u could assume most of the SAMs have been taken out and Blue needs to defend it with a limited number of fighters. :pilotfly:
  10. Any chance of the next missions objective beeing a deep strike to take out a Nuclear reactor :) Should be more spectacular for the TV crowd.
  11. Watching the TACVIEW track, the ground pounders did very well, but it looked liked the A2A guys were mostly firing AMRAAMs and ETs at each other hoping for a hit after split-s'ing? Bit hard to see the tactics being used. There was one insteresting 7m kill (must have been HOJ shot) where the missile dived on the Red guy from above and ended up hitting him in tail, while the guy who fired it had split-s way before impact. Almost looked like the missile did a split-s before impact.
  12. Pic of the Su-32 here too. http://www.avionews.com/index.php?corpo=see_news_home.php&news_id=1074443&pagina_chiamante=corpo%3Dindex.php
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