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  1. Yes, correct, I send back the system, was bad, overheating and restarting the whole time. So I need to change my signature once I have a new one.
  2. Just checking for new system, I saw two system who could be interesting for me. Can you help me out which system to buy and what reason? Kiebel Gaming PC Airforce 12 Gamer Intel Core i7-12700KF, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti, 1000GB SSD, Windows 10 [186456] https://amzn.eu/d/4Ej9jye Megaport High End Gaming PC Intel Core i9-12900F 16-kern tot 5,10GHz Turbo • Windows 11 • Nvidia GeForce RTX3080 • 32GB DDR4 • 2TB M.2 SSD • Waterkoeling • WLAN • Gamer PC Computer Gaming Calculator https://amzn.eu/d/08ktY4J
  3. I know there's already alot of treaths starting with settings, configuration, etc, but with all explanations, nothing helps to run it smooth. Still trying to config the HP Reverb G2 but without any joy My systemconfig: i9-11900/ RTX3080/ 2TB SSD/ 32GB ram. (total new system) The big problem i have, when everything is set, the fps are good, but it's just like my eyes don't see everything clear in DCS. When i'm in the MRP and SteamVR and checking the wide of the eyes it's a clear view of distance on the linial. When i'm in DCS and checking the distance from the eyes with the slider i see the 2 distances (left and right) went trought eachother. (so i mean when i close one eye, it's clear, when i open only the other eye, also clear, when i'm opening both eyes it's not clear, i think it's a setting but i don't know which one.. Hopely somebody can help me out and so can fly DCS in higher detailed resolution than the Oculus Q2.
  4. Yes same for me, all working fine except the microstick... Waxer if you fixed it, you let me know please, i'm still searching ....
  5. Just flying a copple of days with the Oculus and in my opinion i have some tunnel view, so 'abit' left or right looking doesn't work well, it's all blur. I changed the setting of the glasses, 1-2-3 about the distance of the eyes, but nothing works fine. Also after a while of flying it's just like the Oculus is about the freeze, stuttering,.... also it felt hot, so if i take a break and start again it's over, so i think the cpu on the Oculus had big problems to convert the data from the computer. For me it's almost not possible to read the instruments without zoom-in. I'm sure that i haven't problems with the fps from my computer, he's strong enough but i think the Oculus isn't.... Any proposal for a better VR with no tunnel view or distance blur?
  6. Hi all, new update First, i deleted the firmware on the stick, reinstall the Hotas Cougar control panel software (incl Foxy) update Foxy with 4.2 beta. Restart the computer, going to device manager, look for the cougar input and reinstall the drivers. Restart computer and everything gives respons. The only thing i have, after some hours of flying, i lost again contact on the flightstick, so no inputs again, pull out and in the usb from the cougar and it works again. Still need some testings, maybe everything stays normal.
  7. Foxy software works fine, but i can't connect to my Cougar. Each time i start up the Hotas Cougar Control Panel it says, E2: Ensure that the device is connected and worked properly. The only strange thing for me is that windows recognized the stick and it's possible to see the movements, axis and buttoms..
  8. I just received a total new system and tried to install the TM Cougar on my system. I followed all details who were post from Rudel but it gaves the warning, not device detected. In windows itself i see and i can fly in DCS, so axis works fine, but when i try to define the buttom with the helptool Foxy (with all updates) it still says no device detected.
  9. Hi Rudel, very interesting and good explanation to configure the TM Cougar. I just restarted DCS after a 10 year brake . I followed all your steps but everytime it says, ERROR 1008: Device error. But when i'm looking to calibrate it in de windows software i have no problem and can do the job. I installed all latest files as you mentioned. Dunno anymore what to do, because i'm sure the total hotas works fine and could fly with the general axis without compiling the buttoms. Hopely you can help me out and so i can start the whole procedure for the F-16C learning curve I'm on windows 11, with a total new system. Thanks, Ross
  10. Thank you all for this great detailed explanations. About the VR, OCULUS Quest 2 is a good choice? I know the G2 will be better, but I don't like to give such a lot of money at the VR glasses. Also my wife would use it for Beet saber
  11. Hi, it’s about 10 years ago I was close in the DCS community (lock-on). So time to start up again but with a new rig off course. (My latest GPX was the GTX8800 ) So I will add the system I would like to buy and hope you guys can give me some feedback on that. VR: Oculus quest 2 Processor: Intel Core i9 Processor: 11900K Processor kernen: Octa core (8) Kloksnelheid: 3,5 GHz Turbo snelheid: 5,3 GHz Cachegeheugen: 16 MB Intern werkgeheugen (RAM): 64GB Samenstelling geheugen: 4 x 16 GB Totaal aantal RAM geheugensloten: 4 Geheugenslot 1: 16 GB Geheugenslot 2: 16 GB Geheugenslot 3: 16 GB Geheugenslot 4: 16GB Geheugensnelheid: 3200 MHz Type geheugen DIMM DDR4 Opslagcapaciteit Totale opslagcapaciteit: 2 TB - SSD Type SSD: M.2, NVMe, PCIe Grafische kaart Videokaart chipset: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Werkgeheugen van videokaart: 10 GB
  12. As former 169th_Ross and 104th_Ross still reading the forums about this amazing DCS platform. Hereby some pics I took last month. If interest you can follow me on my IG account: ross_impress
  13. New DCS skin for our Belgian Air Force F-16 Dark Falcon 2020 Who in this treath is a very good skinner? I'm about 10 years away from DCS, but I'm back :) I'm the media responsable for our F-16 demo and like somebody to make the virtual DCS version from our 2020 livery. You can contact me by mail.. Thanks in advance...
  14. Hi all, after about 10 years I think the time is right to come back to DCS. My history on DCS: I started in lockon as 169th_Ross, and I flew a couple of years with this great virtual sqn with 169th_Ice as CO. I was betatester on the Ka-50 and the A10C. (so some years ago :music_whistling:) After the squadron was disbanded I joined the 104th_Phoenix sqn, also a great bunch of professional guys, ....104th_Mustang, 104th_Polecat,..., 104th_Manawar,..... So right now I think it's time to join again this amazing flight simulator,.. but I will only fly VR. A second thing, I need to configure a new rig, and the only thing I have is the flight stick thrust master cougar, a case, power supply, pc screen, keyboard, and mousse.... so I need to check for all other stuff. I would like flying with the cougar flight stick because I will only fly the F-16, as I'm a A2A photographer for the Belgian Air Force and can sometimes take the real stick in real flight, ...would be great to use same stick in VR. If some of you guys are interest in my job check my IG as ross_impress. (this is no publicity for me :smilewink:) So I hope I can join soon again in the DCS world environment. I don't need the 'top' system but it should run smooth with enough fps. All help is welcome ;) Best regards, Ross...
  15. Belgian Air Force Solo-display 2018 More pictures on: https://www.instagram.com/ross_impress/
  16. Belgian Air Force F16 solo display pilot VADOR on track 1500 feet [FBV]2065662183713944[/FBV]
  17. F-16 Solo Display Pilot Belgian Air Force "VADOR" our F-16 Solo Display Pilot Season 2018 Follow up @ https://www.facebook.com/BelgianAirForceF16SoloDisplay/ Flightsim training: https://www.facebook.com/BelAirForce/videos/2044243512522478/?t=14 Air training 3000ft: https://www.facebook.com/BelgianAirForceF16SoloDisplay/videos/2016641208609758/?t=18
  18. BAF DEMO F16 - VADOR - 2018 https://www.facebook.com/vador.pictures.9 https://www.instagram.com/vador_pictures/ Tried to link with Facebook tab, but seems not working..
  19. Vertical Magazine 3rd place photocontest I'm glad to receive the 3rd place of the photoconcest 2017 for Vertical Magazine with this picture. Picture was taken @ Gabon (Africa) https://www.verticalmag.com/vertical-photo-contest-2017-military/
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