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  1. I am kind of wondering if I am missing anything. The app has been working without any issue for a long time now. Great application by the way.
  2. Mind sharing some of those tweaks? Just the basic. For me the Apache takes performance hit more than the F-18, F-16 or any of my modules. The F-14 Tomcat was giving me similar performance in the early days of release but it has since improved, Heatblur must have done some optimisation.
  3. I have no idea how I have missed this all this time. I was just searching through samsung Odyssey headset forum leisurely and stumble on this. Best Quality has always been my default setting. Optimised for performace made the clarity and sharpness is so much better in openxr toolkit with no obvious performance hit.
  4. I have come to notice this outside cockpit blurriness in vr has become more pronounced with each patch increment. Upgraded my gpu from a 1060 gtx to a rtx 3070 and I cannot get outside view to look better. Fps has improved for sure, still can't get distant objects to look a bit as good as cockpit view. Could be very wrong but I lean towards dcs graphic engine.
  5. Virpil USA is a great one. Ordered a CM3 Throttle 2 weeks ago but shipping from their center in Europe I believe. It would be easier to get future products with the USA store.
  6. Fantastic news I must say. Ef2000 map jumped into my thought the minute I saw today's newsletter. Ef2000 game was such a great game for me back then and with Heatflur/Truegrit Typhoon coming I am going to be reliving those sweets times in the closest map in dcs to that from DID. The developer are renowned for making world class terrain, so I very sure it is going to be an exciting experience in this map. This is surely going to put ED in yet another spotlight. Like others have mentioned, hope we do not have to wait too long (ironical and infamous 2 weeks-time) to get this map. I wish all parties involved the very best in this project.
  7. Yes this is not be a bad idea. It is a struggle to see those tanker refueling lights in vr
  8. I noticed this too. Searched the bin folder for a long time for that file. Good to take that hassle of having to delete that file away.
  9. DTU is in development. ED hinted about it in two Fridays ago in their newsletter if I am not mistaken. They want to design a DTU that will be common to all aircrafts that has the DTU feature so the work will be in collaboration with other third party developers. And yes DTU would make mission planning and storing very interesting.
  10. Yes Any mid range system can handle dcs on a conventional monitor. VR is just too resource hungry in dcs and I cannot enjoy dcs in flat screen mode otherwise there is no need to chase those high end hardware.
  11. Edmuss is quite on point with those recommendations. I upgraded to a 3070 form a 1060 recently but kept my old i5 7600k and it looks like I am cpu bound now with the Samsung Odyssey plus headset. OpenXR Toolkit has helped tremendously, however fps report from openxr always says cpu bound in area that are demanding in dcs. Your 2080ti is on par with the 3070 performance-wise but better in vram department so that gpu should be alright. Waiting for the new ryzens cpu and raptor lake to drop to upgrade the cpu. Sent from my XQ-AT52 using Tapatalk
  12. The Syria map still has high ram usage for me. I have 32g of ram and all is almost entirely used up checking with MSI afterburner. Again what I see could be allocated and not used but other maps do not get close to what I would get in Syria map. The AH-64D module tend to use more resources than other modules I have in Syria map. Overall, the Syria map is more playable now than its early days. What the openpost could is to do dcs free trial of the map and see if the map run well before buying. Sent from my XQ-AT52 using Tapatalk
  13. My bad. Apologies fellows. Thought reference was being made to the Apache. I use the autopilot often when in the viper especially when there is need to setup bomb parameters or use the tgp. Sent from my XQ-AT52 using Tapatalk
  14. Is there a HDG(Heading) /STRG hold functionality in the Apache now? I am aware of Alt hold and Att hold. Sent from my XQ-AT52 using Tapatalk
  15. This thread is quite long and quite tasking to go through it all to find verified info on this issue so bear with me fellows. Post processing: Under Appearance I turned on the post processing on and the Trunite filter gives me clearer in-cockpit and outside display removing alaising to a considerable extent. Also color really shines with this filter. The issue is that the cockpit is a bit dark . I tried the contrast and brightness tuning and the effect is not readily seen. Anyone know if those adjustments works?
  16. In the same vein, there is mention of auto-rudder in list of thing to be added to Ah-64 by ED. The sound of that feature gives an idea of an automatic rudder control. Like a fly-by-wire control in the rudder section.
  17. I have an Evga 650w psu and using a 1000w ups. This ups rating is able to hold supply when there is power outage comfortably. I had a lower UPS before and it would not hold power supply. So a 1000w or above is good.
  18. Difficult not to make the bank account suffer for VR in flightsim. I would have cared less about upgrading my present pc specs for dcs had I remained with 2d monitor play. Let hope the VR headset industry economic of scale thrives to make them affordable. It would really be great to have something like DLSS and FSR for VR so that we do not have to look for the top end hardware to really enjoy VR in flight Sims.
  19. It is always a happy moment to read comments like that of the opening post. It reminds of my first experience. VR is revolutionary in flightsim, the only way to do any Simulator game in my opinion. The only issue for me now is that having taken the pill of VR, I am constantly chasing the hardware or anything for that matter to make the experience better. News of new headsets, software mod, in-game settings, and news of Ed's Vulkan and multicore etc that would take the experience to another level up easily grabs my attention. Looking back from the early days of flight Sims, the era we are now is a great time with all the peripherals that is now available to us enjoy close-to-real simulation. VR is just phenomenal
  20. Yes. Already planned my Ah-64 Apache to check out those fjords and glacier flowing down those snow-dressed mountains. Taking a break from the constant brown colored terrain in Nevada, Persian and Syria maps. A taste of a different part of the world. And of course, in VR.
  21. Great. Thanks for the heads up.
  22. Anyone checked after nvidia driver update to see if there is a difference in 3d effect? I would hate to not have that 3d effect boost when I reapply the settings after driver update.
  23. I feel you dude. The Apache is quite a handful in terms of controlling her. I just enjoy other aspect of the aircraft beside landing for now. Landing on a spot is big challenge for me. Not so with the KA-50. My major gripe is having to put all the way point, cm, and target point and skid out of control to crash. I have to start all over again. It makes me wonder if the SCAS system still need work. Auto rudder is listed as one of the features to come later in early access. I do not have any idea what this feature does but the name sound like something to help one with rudder control especially at those times when you increase collective. Right now anything to help fly this module on a more stable manner would be great.
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