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  1. Stated in initial post currently on open beta. "- Fresh Install (multiple times over the years, currently on open beta)" Tried both, but most of the servers are on open beta. Release build seems pointless to have installed
  2. I've posted on this in the past (since the issue was first reported) with no results, but I found something interesting today. Situation: I start DCS, go to multiplayer and it populates the list of servers. Join a server and disconnect. Whether its 5 mins or 5 hours, the next time it populates the server list it only shows a fraction of the servers. If I attempt to connect via direct IP, it says the server is offline. I can go to main menu or exit game and that doesn't seem to remedy the issue. I can continually refresh and after 10-15 attempts it will show the full list again. The only surefire method I've found as a remedy is not to log off, but to restart the entire PC. Actions Taken: - Ensured ports are forwarded via Router - Ensured ports are forwarded via Windows Firewall - Flushed DNS - Disabled Windows Firewall - Disabled Router Firewall - DMZ'd PC in the Router - Contacted ISP made sure no traffic is being blocked and ports are open - Reinstalled vcdist's from Distr folder - Run Repair - Fresh Install (multiple times over the years, currently on open beta) - Run in administrative mode - Created an ..\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\autoexec.cfg Then - Run out of administrative mode - Removed port forwarding - Reviewed logs for errors Now when I reviewed the logs this is the interesting part I found: Now in this log you'll see I disconnected from a server and started pulling servers from the master. The first 1189 servers from master it says it got, only displayed 278 servers on the server list for me. Each time I refreshed ranged from ~200 to ~550 servers listed, but it got 1100+ from the master. This leads me to believe that my ports, pc, and ISP have nothing to do with the issue. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Or how to fix it? I've been struggling with this issue for a few years now. Been flying in the DCS Community since Flaming Cliffs 2. dcs.log debrief.log DxDiag.txt
  3. I've been having this issue for years now. I've done the same as you, changed my DNS settings. The only thing I can do is keep refreshing until the server I want shows. Sometimes I can restart and the first load will show every server, but if I disconnect or crash the issue reoccurs. If i try to direct connect via IP it tells me the server is offline.
  4. Biggest thing would be switch abstractions for 3 position switches. Device: 1. Landing Gear Toggle 2. Drag Chute Deploy Device and Keyboard: 1. Afterburn toggle 2. Exterior Lighting Controls 3. Drag Chute Release 4. FCS Config toggles: A/A & A/G and A/G1 & A/G2
  5. ISP is Logan Telecomm (Local, fiber network). No Antivirus. Firewall disabled modem and windows. PC set to DMZ. No mods. No Tacview. Tried with and without SRS. (Recreated issue with a fresh install). dcs.log.txt
  6. I just recently learned about this module, and I'm super hyped. I've been against the 70 USD modules and refrained from them out of protest, but this one has my credit card out.
  7. Just an update. With the latest patch, the issues of the flickering during a refresh is gone. However, the missing servers during a refresh has not been resolved.
  8. Had this issue for a while. Master list after joining a server once doesn't show all the servers and has a visual bug. Only solution is to keep refreshing until all or targeted servers appears or restart computer. Here is a video of the issue. Attempted fixes: -Updated .Net Framework -Reinstall .Net framework from a unrelated issue in forums -Flush DNS -Fresh Install of game -Move to SSD
  9. I'm having the exact same issues. If you wait you would see the flickering stop and your able to refresh again. After multiple attempts, sometimes 1, sometimes 10 and it will eventually reveal all the servers. The only workaround I've found is that, I can us the DCS website to get the server IP and direct connect. if the direct connect fails, refresh, wait for the refresh to finish and try again. Usually works faster than waiting for it to actually reveal the server in the list from refreshing over and over.. ED, are you looking into this? This is a nuisance and affecting gameplay over a long period of time.
  10. I’ve had the same issue for months reported here in the forums and have seen no official response to the issue. I’ve been shutout completely from any decent servers. I’ll even get error messages for direct connect saying the server is offline when I’ve confirmed the info and the server status.
  11. I just don't know what to do at this point. Even if i know the IP it says server offline. Tried: -Restarting Client -Restarting PC -FlushDNS -Repair -Switch from Open Beta to Relase -Switch from Release to Open Beta -Soft Reboot Router -Hard Reboot Router -Relase and Renew IP from router and CMD -5th of Bourbon -Delete DCS folder from Saved Games **log files hows DX11 preshader errors, related?
  12. I've been having this issue as well. Is there a known port range we can forward for the master server?
  13. I'm having this issues as well. At first I saw every server. I sat int he lobby a while afk, when I returned I refreshed the lobby but the servers went from over a hundre to 13. I manually connected once to a server. The server crashed (unrelated) then tried to manually connect again and now I'm getting the offline message while wingmen were still on the server. Steps taken: Rebooted Moden/Router Flushed DNS Disabled and Re-enabled ethernet adapter. Repaired via dcs software reverted to release build via dcs software reverted back to open beta build (original state) via dcs software I've been playing DCS series from over 10 years now. Seems in recent days I've been more and more disappointed and my breaks away from the game have been getting longer and longer. I recently purchased the Tomcat. I refrained from the Hornet even though it has been a childhood favorite because of the state of the game/simulation. If I don't see notable improvements the Tomcat will be my last module. This actually upsets me. This game fills a large void and offers something no other game does. I don't want to say good bye.
  14. ED, Do you guys plan on having carrier bugs fixed on release of the higher? Like the desync between server and client when the carrier is mobile? Planes will fall right through because the server has it in a different location. Will catapults be implemented?
  15. So I've been playing around with google cardboard i think its pretty nice. BUT, the ui is only on the left side, and the edges are cut off because its centered on that side. So I can't click fly on a multiplayer server and have difficulty picking the airframe. I took a look at the ui.lua in game dir, i see the menu height width string. I'm thinking if i alter that it would only change the side which could resolve my problem if i drop my size way down. Anyone know where to look or what to do the make the menu across both views as normal in stereoscopic mode?
  16. I want to go to Las Vegas :) I'll settle for coach.
  17. Nickname: Sn0w_Lynx; Your profile at ED forum: http://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=89393 Chosen plane type: F-86F Country of residence: USA Time: GMT-6 Language of communication: English Confirmation of familiarization with regulations of the tournament and the obligation to comply with them: Familiarized with regulations of this tournament, oblige myself to comply with them.
  18. wags just posted a few modding how to vids on his and ed's youtube a few weeks ago, wink wink
  19. Crash at start up splash heres what im getting me.log dcs.log No Crash dumps
  20. Does not work for me. I cant even get to main screen to click instant action. I click run. Logo Splash, and then crash almost immediately. Tried disabling oculus and still no change
  21. logs tried running a shortcut going directly into multiplayer --net-mode gui and managaed to get new logs DCS-20150301-101314.zip
  22. crash on load. widows error says zweiblau.dll only log that is created is me.log only lines with errors are as follows: 00000.379 UNKNOWN main: ERROR: scan_mods: can't open './mods/aircraft/MiG-21BIS/Entry/01_Suspension.lua' 00000.433 ERROR VFS: add_location {"My Missions", "C:\Users\Matt\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\"}: path already added as "My Missions" no dump or other log were created. crashed on loading the launcher ****Edit**** Steam Version no mods integrity check removed saved games folder ****edit #2**** Tried fresh install still no-go
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