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  1. They are out of stock because they have not yet begun to ship. That is why it is called a pre order. Two days ago a search for HP Reverb on amazon would yield nothing at all. I ordered. As soon as they begin shipping I will get my tracking number. Simple.:joystick: PoleCat Out
  2. HP Reverb available on Amazon for preorder...Go git it! PoleCat Out
  3. I contacted him by PM. He has been injured in a bicycle accident. Word is he is OK and recovering now. I wish him a hardy get well soon. I am sure he will be back and selling these awesome kits again very soon. PoleCat Out
  4. I use a TM Warthog Throttle, a TM Cougar NXT Joystick, Simped Rudders w/Toe Brakes (attached to the game port on the Cougar Stick), along with a Cougar MFD pack. I use TARGET to combine these devices into a Thrustmaster combined controller. My question is can I easily use your profiles with this combination? I know that you support the Warthog and the Cougar controllers but what about one of each? Thanks in advance for any help. PoleCat
  5. I purchased a KW-908 jet seat from Andre quite some time ago through these forums. I have been, and continue to be very pleased with this piece of gear and well satisfied with the purchase. The effects and added immersion it brings to DCS are awesome, and in conjunction with the oculus it is incredible. Unfortunately I ran some tests today after a new system build and have encountered an apparent hardware failure of one of the force feedback motors. It seems that the right shoulder force feedback motor is not working. I can hear a slight buzzing coming from it but it does not vibrate fully like the others. There are no broken pins on the DIN plug and both the wires are connected at the motor. I put a small slit in the back to feel around to confirm this. Is there any chance I can purchase a replacement motor? Can you offer any help in troubleshooting the issue? Instructions on disassembly and repair? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer, and for a great product and excellent software! ~PoleCat
  6. Careful with this one. It is actually version 801 not 802 and once I updated my Z270-A to 801 it has broken XMP settings for my memory which worked fine in the previous bios. I may flash back to the release version 701 for this reason. Interestingly even on the Asus Z170-A platform any bios after 2202 breaks XMP settings until you reset the bios to defaults manually (even though the bios is automatically set to default after the flash, I had to do it once more manually or setting XMP for my Gskill memory would always result in a failed boot). This was on 3 different systems using the Asus Z170-A and Gskill memory, all of which worked fine with XMP settings in every bios release up to and including bios 2202. The problem started with Bios 3007 and the continues in 3301. Who ever is creating the new Bios updates at Asus is really dropping the ball on quality. I am still waiting for a call back from one of their engineers to discuss the issue. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of it and correct the problems soon.
  7. Gametrix 908 force feedback seat with Simshaker for Aviators Software. Out
  8. I will absolutely buy one of these......when the price comes down next year! Out
  9. In my experience GSkill memory is top notch. I have been using it exclusively in my builds for quite some time. Good stuff. Out
  10. I was just going to post this as well. What a steal! Out
  11. http://www.howtogeek.com/224471/how-to-prevent-windows-10-from-automatically-downloading-updates/?PageSpeed=noscript
  12. Could not disagree with you more. "Mine stuck so bad brand new in the forward position that it would almost stay there by itself." I and many people I know use the Warthog and I have not heard of this from any of them. Two people I know just purchased their Warthogs a couple of weeks ago and they both love them! "if the Warthog was ever good it's not so any more(of recent units)." How many "recent units" have you checked out? As I wrote in an earlier post I am still using my decade + old stock Cougars. These are working fine. In fact I am just now this many years later considering hall sensor kits for my stock Cougars as an upgrade. (even though the pots are working fine). I also own a Warthog which I purchased upon release. I absolutely love it and I expect it will last every bit as long as my Cougar's have. Comparing the feel of the Warthog Stick with the T16000m is like comparing a Ferrari to a Volkswagen. These are just not in the same league......:joystick: It sounds to me like you had a very bad experience but I can say with confidence that while I do know many Warthog owners thankfully I don't know of any that feel as you do about theirs. Out
  13. PM me when you are ready and I will paypal you the money and order 1 set for stick and throttle for testing and review. I will order a second set shortly after that if all goes well. Thanks again, Out
  14. Check the basics...... Remove and reseat the card. Power cables to the card>? I believe the R 390X takes 1 x 6 pin and 1 x 8 pin power connectors. Double check these on both ends (PSU and Graphics card). You have 4 different PCI-E connectors on the modular supply. If you are using two of these connectors on the same horizontal row (VGA1 + VGA3) or (VGA2 + VGA4) , try using VGA1 and VGA2 together if this does not work try using VGA3 and VGA4. One of these combinations should work well. That is a good PSU and more than adequate to the task. Use DDU found here (scroll down) to remove your old drivers and clean up. From the same site grab the latest AMD Radeon Software Crimson drivers (scroll down a little further) and download and install them after the cleanup. Good luck, Out
  15. Nice work! How soon can I purchase a full set for throttle and stick? Out
  16. Well when the price of your chosen HOTAS far exceeds the price of the top of the line gaming rig you will be using to fly DCS and unless you are super rich (which of course would be great) you have to ask yourself if you can really still call this a "hobby". With devices like the Gametrix Jetseat out there a FF joystick is a far less attractive option then it once was. The seat does a much better job of it in many ways. Although the combination of a FF seat and a good FF driving wheel can be quite amazing as well. Just my opinions of course, Out
  17. I own 3 of the track clip pros. In a word they suck. To be fair they function properly but if you are unlucky enough to break one (which is very easy) you are left with a pile of unusable plastic and some very messy looking fixes. I will not purchase another track clip pro now. I have had to purchase and re-purchase them too often in the past due to the shoddy construction (I have at least two broken clip pros in a box that were out of warranty when they broke. I had to pay to replace these). Get the delanclip instead. They obviously will last where the clip pros are junk. I am ordering one shortly. Out
  18. Throttle bumps? Do you mean the Idle and AB detents? These were very poorly adjusted at the factory (usually too close together and somewhere in the middle of the throttle travel) but are easily adjusted to your liking. You can even remove them completely if that is your preference. I have mine set very nicely for idle and afterburner. Out
  19. I feel compelled to interject that I am still using my HOTAS Cougars after 10+ years. (Yes two of them are modified but two of them are stock with very low dollar solutions for the over exaggerated problems that many claimed needed expensive mods to fix). The truth is I have gotten years and years of use out of my Stock Cougars using nothing more then a few cents worth of Mylar and some good quality lubricant along with regular maintenance to keep them in good working order. I now also own a HOTAS Warthog and I also love it. Why? For many of the same reasons I love the Cougar. Put your hands on these and you instantly know why. They feel great, they feel real, they feel cold and metal. If the Warthog requires some tinkering to make it last or users prefer to customize or modify it to make it even better this would be one big reason why. I suspect that those people may very well still be flying using the Warthog 10 years from now just as with the Cougar today. There are great HOTAS systems available today and the Warthog is the best and most realistic for the A-10C period. If you want something more I believe there are very expensive high quality options out there for you but in this price range I think TM delivers with the Warthog.......again!
  20. https://ultramfcd.com/ You can do this using Ultra MFCD very easily. Out
  21. I am going to be in for some of these. I will need 2 sets for Cougar stick and throttle once available. Brilliant! Out
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