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  1. probably crashing alot ... whilst nap of the earth dodging trees
  2. @Spectrum48k but where is the lenslok security thing…
  3. What about tomahawk on the 48k spectrum my god I am old
  4. Wasn't Tinian where Enola Gay took off from ... its a radiation mutation
  5. I would think at the high rates of fire this cannon can do, the strain and wear on the cog/toothed gear mechanism would be high to say the least
  6. so when one barrel fires the gas piston pushes the bolt backwards to eject the spent cartridge, and the pivot and crossbar in the center moves the other bolt forwards with a new shell to fire? this then repeats.
  7. Also can you imgine firing the 30mm at night with NVG
  8. might they have a military contract now?
  9. Cheers, did not know you could change the colour, but to do it randomly twice, without knowing how to do it... lol and all I thought I messed with was the symbology button, the gain and the contrast.
  10. I did a full cold start and after the INS alignment had completed I changed some of the MFD setting to make the green text slightly more promient, I turned the INS switch to NAV and all the text on the ESHD turned red. Also is there any way to make the text stand out from the map in VR red eshd.trk
  11. unfortunately I didnt save the track, and I dont have the MFD exported to any other monitors, but it was in VR on the version 1 rift
  12. I just tried the cold and dark black sea map, and it started up fine, the ins alignment went smooth. I did notice that the map appeared before the alignment had completed, but i did then faf around with the sysmbol brightness, contrast and gain and had something a bit weird... all of the eshd symbology turned red.
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