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  1. If you post your mission file here, I'm sure someone would be happy to take a look.
  2. Good explanation. And I would just add, if it isn't obvious, that no conditions need to be provided for MISSION START since the mission starting is the condition. Also, if you don't want to wait a second for a trigger to execute, you can setup event listeners using lua scripting.
  3. kontiuka

    Radar functions

    According to Red Kite, the tube will be removed at night by default. I assume you can ask the ground crew to install it or remove it.
  4. I think the issue is with some of the legacy missions. The track I included in my original post was from the Nevada instant action take-off mission. When I create a brand new mission, I don't see the bug. Also, if I do a rearm / refuel in the Nevada instant action take-off mission, the problem disappears. So, this bug might be lurking in older missions and campaigns.
  5. Hi. It is still doing it for me. Did you test with just a centre line fuel tank? Go to afterburner and then go back to idle?
  6. Ya, sounds funny but I don't think a player can actually reach another waypoint other than 0 in that manner of speaking so whatever tasks you set won't get executed.
  7. Scenario: - carrying drop tanks - apply power to the engines then put the engines back to idle Result: - fuel in drop tanks drains as if engines are in afterburner F-15C fuel drain.trk
  8. RedKite said air-to-air missile tutorials are after his air-to-ground tutorial so we may see the radar usage within the next month to demonstrate the 530s.
  9. Just wondering if the 50 cal burst length could be stretched a bit as well against unarmoured targets. Often takes several passes to kill a truck. Seems decent against light armour. Thanks again.
  10. Hey, another nice little surprise. The AI actually do a decent strafing run now. For the longest time, they would do like a quarter second burst and pull away. It was so bad that I wouldn't even bother arming the AI with guns. So, thanks AvioDev for fixing it. However, I did find a bug. The AI are pretty on target with the 50 cals but always seem to fall short with the 30 mm. Just needs a bit of a tweak.
  11. Issue has been fixed in the latest open beta patch.
  12. Thanks. You might want to also let people know that you now have to hold the launch button to launch the missile. That threw me off for a second. Speaking of which, the Magic takes longer to launch than the Aim-9. Is that deliberate?
  13. This didn't appear in the patch notes for the C-101 but AvioDev has finally been able to make the Aim-9M and Magic missiles behave like all-aspect. This is big news for the little module since up to now you couldn't lock unless facing the rear-aspect of a target. The Aim-9P still properly behaves as a rear-aspect missile.
  14. I can confirm that all the air-to-air missiles work. BUT HOLY CRAP GUYS! The AIM-9M and Magic are now all-aspect !? OMG !!! Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did you NOT announce that !!!
  15. Ya, not bad at all. Keep at it. Another thing I would add is to not highlight the less convincing aspects of DCS. In this case, the pilot head movement. It's not very natural looking so I wouldn't add it in. I've seen a lot of video makers show it and I never thought it looked great. A few exceptions would be the animations in the F-14 or maybe the F-18 pilot launching from the carrier. The apache animations are looking real good too. Just some advice from a layman.
  16. Well, the CE doesn't. The M does. Don't know about the EE.
  17. This is Vibora's statement on it ...
  18. Could be wrong but I thought it was just for practice bombs.
  19. Thanks. Always glad to see improvements to my favourite module.
  20. Probably not. Syria is by UGRA. F-1 is by Aerges.
  21. Mirage F-1 spin demo ...
  22. Probably 90% of the posts here have nothing to do with an actual Mirage F-1 update. Mildly annoying.
  23. I've never known them to have sound. Maybe they did but I've never heard it.
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