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  1. Thanks for the reply its a relief to know its all very flexible :) I would assume that feature is in all the latest VR products
  2. Can I use it in a slightly reclined position about 30 deg(lazy boy chair) or do I have to sit bolt upright
  3. Thanks a lot for your help but its now resolved as of a few posts above :-)
  4. it was default from the "instant action flight " so no input from me at all
  5. Thanks for this problem solved! flies straight as an arrow..never would have thought of that myself
  6. Hi My force feed back stick is centered with all other aircraft except with the A10 which will complete a barrel roll hands free. How can I rectify this?
  7. "Click on the module manager icon" You mean the one inside 2.5 version? I did that but it only offers me the option to buy modules. Is there another icon ?
  8. Ive stayed away from DCS and spend all my time with FSX SE. Reason being is all this nonsense ...I have modules that no longer show up and steam purchases that wont bind on 2.5 and add to that 2 year old support requests on DCS stand alone with replies saying we are to busy now but we reply soon and today I see those tickets closed with no further input from DCS If there is a more confusing way to purchase gaming modules over different platforms I would like to see it!
  9. I have no idea where to post this. After uninstalling an old version of DCS I installed the latest version today and went into modules and there is nothing there :helpsmilie:
  10. Thanks for that report. I have a question, can the rift be used in a reclining seat like a lazy boy or do you have to sit upright to use it properly like Track ir?
  11. Could have just as easy stalled trying to pull out of the dive in which case the pilot will be devastated at the loss of life
  12. Just curious, what do you use the second throttles for?
  13. Ive had them all up to 100" projector screen and found that my current 55" 1080p at 4 feet is the most natural and immersive however resolution plays a big part as well. 4k allows closer sit distance for a bigger screen so it would be the easiest to set up
  14. I have the same iKEA table sitting next to me that I use for beer or coffee etc its quite handy for light stuff but its very unstable , light and wobbly. Ive no idea how it would keep the throttles from tipping over
  15. Thanks gents the mystery is unraveled. Im going to hook into this right now :-)
  16. Am I dreaming ? I cant believe the difference when switching to 1 screen. My gtx 560ti that I have been closely monitoring for another issue just dropped from a constant 99% load to 50-60%. Super find OP!
  17. Hi, when I go to my saved games folder I now see 2 folders, I DCS folder and a DCSd folder. Why are there 2? Secondly whats the correct procedure for restoring the backed up files after an update Thanks guys edit I think Im looking in the wrong place for a back up folder. Where is exactly would it be? the last update set my controls back to default
  18. I just backed up the wrong folder and installed the latest update and lost all my modules and settings however I did a System image back up before that and was able to restored everything Before I try again Can somebody point me to a thread that details exactly what folders I need to back up before installing the latest DCW update?
  19. Im kinda surprised that nobody knows the answer :huh: I read in an old post that changing the SU27 hud color also changes the F15 but the path has changed in FC3 and I couldn't find the file I needed to edit
  20. It should be but you need to google for software that shows your device as an extension of your desk top
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