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  1. It's looking very good!! :D Keep up the great work!
  2. Thanks for the reply MrWolf! When you are finished, and if you are willing to share your fantastic artwork, I'd be very grateful if I could use your template. :D I have a bit of an idea of all the hard work that goes into making a good template... and I can understand how much time is needed. I've been a big fan of your skins since I got my Flamming Cliffs copy. :) Mainly, what I wanted to do is to create a skin of the Idaho Air National Guard 124th Wing, 190th Fighter Squadron A-10's that are based at Gowen Airfield located near my town of Boise, Idaho. best regards & cheers, - CraigNT55
  3. (I meant "Template" in the Thread Title... Ha!) Hi Everyone! Does anyone know where an A-10 high resolution template is available? I looked at LockedOnSkins and to no avail! :) This would be a 2048 x 2048 variety... I was just wondering if someone would be willing to share their artwork? Thanks in advance :D cheers, - CraigNT55
  4. Hey Thanks Wolverine! That did the trick! :D And yes Mustang, I do hope Santa will bring me a Track IR for Christmas!!! :p
  5. How to Turn on Cockpit Mouse?... Just wanted to find out how to turn on the Cockpit Mouse function... I've seen the //CockpitMouse = 0; line in the view.cfg file... but what also after that is a ExternalMouse = 0; line which even though is at "0", I can still get an external mouse function. Thanks for all the help! :D cheers, - CraigNT
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