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  1. Hello all, could someone please tell me how to retrieve my activation key, upgraded my comp and had to install my os again and forgot to save certain things, I installed the sim with latest patch from the new installer and when I go to fly it asks for my activation key.
  2. Can someone direct me to the file and file line to change the slew speed o0f the shkval camera? thanks.
  3. Hello guys, been awhile since I flew the shark since learning the Hog and I decided to get back into BlackShark to be able to fly both for different types of fighting. I have forgotten some things so my question is once I uncage the shkval I no longer have my speed up in my hud nor nav settings, which button is it again in the control settings that will bring this back (I suppose turning off the shkval) so I can set it on my hotas? thanks.
  4. Sorry if I mis read it wrong but I am curious if it has the cdu function as well?
  5. Just use dry erase marker instead and some Kleenex.
  6. No not the torrent, I downloaded all the files, it is when I run the the instal it stops downloading and says "An error occurred while trying to copy a file: the source file is corrupted".
  7. Hello all, I am getting a huge amount of "source file is corrupted" messages when trying to download the new instal, it starts at bazar\textures\KC-135 and goes up from there for all the rest? any ideas why it would be a corrupt file?
  8. Just to be sure, we can delete any existing DCS A10 files/folders and then do a clean instal by simply running this? or do we need the original as well?
  9. Wags I forgot to do this can I delete it after I am all patched up as well with things ok?? "For Windows 7 users, look in your /Users/(name)/Saved Games/ and delete the A-10C folder."
  10. CAn you turn on the EO for simply a waypoint by switching it from MAN to LOCATION and entering only a WP number?
  11. yes error on my end as usual, thank you guys for the help.
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