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  1. Ah OK thx for information.
  2. Hello to all! After a carrier departure and making some turns, I get an hud offset in my hornet: Can anybody help and say why this will occur?
  3. Will the first release of the F/A18 not include A-G Missels?
  4. An SA-11 site is definitly a job for SEAD mission and aircrafts. If you do not like to fly with the Su25-T, wait best for a DCS jet that can engage with AGM-88. I'm waiting. Until this, I fly BMS Falcon.
  5. Warum verkaufst Du einen nagelneuen TrackIR? Ist doch ein tolles Gerät. OK, natürlich ur mit TrackClip Pro :-)
  6. I have this problem too. The JTAC does not response all times. Sometimes I noticed a delay of more then 10 minutes! and then he stop answer completly.
  7. Das Problem ist leider, dass man in gewissen Multiplayer-Missionen kaum um die SU25t herumkommt, weil sie das einzige Flugzeug ist, was effektiv die Suchradar der Buk-Stellungen mit den Anti-Radar-Raketen angreifen kann.
  8. I will not update, cause i'm in love with AGM-65E.
  9. B86 is an criuse missle. This one would be nice: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B83_nuclear_bomb
  10. A A10-C is not the correct equipment to engage BUK's.
  11. OK, it should be the smoke not the fire, so far I read the other topic about smoke and performance issues.
  12. It's a start? But where is the end? Is there an update planned regarding this problem?
  13. Do you mean this: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=103078&page=9 ??
  14. Thank you, but I think I don't understand the topic of the link completly. I'm not using vsync and I'm using the latest version of DCS world.
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