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  1. Guys Shagrat is right. Modding is a risk. Just like in other products like Arma. Its not ED's responsibility to watch over this. Users do this because they go in and hack the ED code to create their own. Its a risk you live with. That is why I never publish missions with mods. I thought we all learned something with Bezcl mods years ago when he made the beautiful set of ground units then left the community.

  2. "The Ka-50 update will consist of new functions such as Igla air-to-air missiles and missile warning systems with infrared missile jamming systems in addition to a substantial graphics overhaul. While new cockpit functions will be part of a paid upgrade, the entirely new and improved cockpit and external model will be available for free. In addition to a graphics overall and new features, we will also take this opportunity to clean up any remaining bugs in the Ka-50."


    Interesting. I wonder why they didn't make a separate new variant then?


    It would have been easier for them to protect the new functions (as it would be a new module), while we would have more flexibility with the scenarios since the MAWS variant is a much later development I guess.


    Fantastic news! Finally one of the fathers of DCS is getting a facelift and adds. Day one buy for me.

  3. Im having an issue with viacompro. New to voiceattack. IM pretty sure Ive got viacompro installed correctly as it will function with my seitek x-55. Havent made any changes to the profile other than assigning two throttle buttons to the tx1 keys.

    Now when I go in game, for instance free flight, the comms menu keeps turning on and off. Ive even tried to disable the \ key and it still occurs. How do I fix this. I made my own profile and this problem doesnt happen so it has to be something in the viacompro profile.

  4. yes even if an auto plotted route for AI goes through a building

    they will avoid the building and drive around it


    Though for some reason they now drive upside down under the bridges


    That is the new Ninja Mode!!

  5. Guys its not about just driving a Tank in VR. Its about being able to have an active ground war without vehicles getting stuck all over the place. If you want the electronic battlefield, this has to work.

  6. So Im running into the same problem with authorization failed. I created a new id in DCS but I turned on automatic authorization on server start up. Now I cant get into change my id because it tries to automatically start. How do I turn that off. Thanks


    Figured it out. No Mods are allowed.

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