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  1. I have tried to do similar.. I just cannot set the temp. below -1.6°C. I think this is due to the fact that I fly in Tonopah.. Anyhow, I have just tried to zoom +5000m. Means from 1670 to 7000 ASL. I have found that the steepest climb, is not the fastes... as expected, but nice to see... Makes 1.25min to go to climb 5000m..... THAT is cool..... Sorry, I did not record audio.... :cry:
  2. nice experiment.... I just did 2 attempts. one with 23°C and one with -1.3°C... how can you adjust -25°C? the funny part is landing the mig with now the dead engine, that is a pretty good training...
  3. You can check your stick positions with RCTRL+Enter. That should help identify any Joystick Problems. But since you have a msffb2, every thing will be ok.. ;)
  4. I have made 2 tools for navigation. Fuel/Speed/Range Chart is displayed in the mig-21 kneeboard... https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=121094&d=1441307070 And a flight planner sheet that I have printed and laminated. I write on it with a water erasable pen. IFR_Plan_Sheet.zip
  5. You did realise that you can move the viewpoint/camera around?
  6. I just did some tests: The Mig is now definitely NOT locking in AoA. I just don´t know if this was fixed earlier. She is more agile around pitch axis, I was pulling easy 10g´s on one maneuver, I don´t think that happen often before. At high AoA and full flaps she is tumbling in and out of a stall. With lot´s of rudder (aileron is about useless) you can controll the roll, but she´s still tumbling. takeoff seems to have more pitch authority, at landing she feels needs alittle bit more pitch (on the stick). In the past I could crawl around a airport with full flaps, airbrakes and gear-out easily at a high pitch angle. This is now a little bit more complicated, due to the tumbling.. I would say it is better now, since more pitch authority. If this is realistic? I hope. From the point of a model airplane, I would say they have now moved the CoG slightly aft. :joystick:
  7. Isn' t 28deg the max AoA? That sounds reasonable for a short takeoff. You just go for max lift. These delta wings make a lot of lift at high AoA,... I will do some test now.... I read storries of migs with about 70knots beeing flown and still are able to manoever, at very high AoA. ( while having a F14 flying even slower in the back)
  8. [****up in my brain] Number 2 is actually kp/cm², but kg/cm² is about the same, I thought grunf made a major mistake.... [/****up in my brain]
  9. The mig does not want to fly over 1mach at low altitudes....
  10. You can see that each puff reduces the temperature od the engine (egt?). Once you know the limit, you can give smoke signals without a risk to kill the engine....
  11. I think I have found a solution. The trick is to deactivate the MIG-21 kneeboard, and activate the non-specific NTTR kneeboard! 1. Deactivate the MIG-21 kneeboard --> rename the KNEEBOARD folder to C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Cockpit\KNEEBOARD_old 2. Modify the device_init.lua file (located in C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Cockpit) --> add the following line(s) to the end of the file --------------------mod_by_HP------------------------- dofile(LockOn_Options.common_script_path.."KNEEBOARD/declare_kneeboard_device.lua") --------------------------------------------- 3. Copy the mig-21 kneeboard "specific" files to the general "NTTR-Kneeboard" --> copy the neeed files from C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Cockpit\KNEEBOARD_old\indicator\CONTENT to C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\terrains\Nevada\Kneeboard The result is that now ALL airplanes in NTTR have the MIG-21 specific pages. best regards me
  12. I am just guessing: Flying the mig without rudder is not worth doing. You loose most of the migs performance without a precise rudder, so i assume this is not considered a major bug.
  13. Hi, I don't know where to post this, since I don't know if it´s a MIG or a NTTR problem. In the MIG I have no map on the kneeboard. The mission elements (TO, landinging,...) sites are visible in the kneeboard, but the map around it says something like "texture missing". How can this be fixed? Thanks
  14. Hi, Is there a trick to get the map showing on the kneeboard? Thanks
  15. since i don't have anything better to do: F13: m 7500 kg a_max 7,1 g Lift 522382,5 N Thrust 60600 N wing_area 23 m³ v 300,6 m/s This leads to: cl_sust 0,4103710712 cd_sust 0,0476058959 First approach: the F13 and the BIS have the same cd and cl at max-sustained g-load turn --> speed is higher at the BIS I use these parameters to calculate a manoever speed for the BIS, and then drag. BIS: Assumption Cl = const Cd = const m 8200 kg a_max 7,1 Lift 571138,2 N thrust 69600 N wing_area 23 m² cl_sust 0,4103710712 cd_sust 0,0476058959 Maneuever speed: v 314 m/s Drag 66256 N This leads to the conclusion, that the available thrust (69kN) is higher than the actual drag (66kN). ---> BIS can do 7.1g sustained turns Second approach: Speed = const cl/cd = const m 8200 kg a_max 7,1 Lift 571138,2 N thrust 69600 N wing_area 23 m² v 300,6 cd 0,0546760785 cl/cd 8,6201732673 Ca 0,4713172699 Lift 599964 N Again, the available lift (60kN) is higher than the needed lift (57kN). ---> BIS can do 7.1g sustained turns I know that cl/cd is not a constant. But the operation points will not differ that much, so this assumption does not seem to be that bad. What do you think? Are my calculations wrong? Are my assumptions wrong? Are my input data wrong? Attached you will find my calculation file... mig_21_calculation.zip
  16. one short search reveals that EM chart: According to that, the highest sustainable g-loading should be slighlty lower than 7G. Gut there is no exact MIG-21 model given, so you never know if this is the correct engine. According to this the BIS has some kN more thrust than the other 21 types... From a 5minute google search basis I find the 7.1G "ok".
  17. SAU stabilize will fly your plane horizontal. This will also set your trimming right for the current speed. It is useless to hunt for a reference point, if you have constantly to fight the stick due to bad trimm. All other "non combat" maneuvers are done with instruments.
  18. Bradley can be opened with the gun. Leopard can be easily opend with the unguided rockets. It is very doable to plink 4 leopards with 1 loadout. I assume that you can even open 6 tanks, but I have to try.... Not sure about other MBT's, but I expect similar results.
  19. Hi, i wanted to brag with my godlike unguided rocket skills. :joystick: So i killed some leopards with the rockets and tried to record the video afterwards. The recorded track is extremely unprecise. My plane and rockets positions are waaay of. (or the ground and targets are off, that´s pretty relative....) I tried the same in DCS2.0 and in in DCS1.5x. Same result. Mig seems to be unprecise, the A-10 seems to be ok. The track files are included in this post. In the 1.5x (4xleo.trk) file I miss the lepoard by about 150meters on. (I promise that I did hit it) In 2.0 it seems even more off. In the Nevada file (grosswildjagd_2.trk) i miss the leopard by 1km. That means, that in replay i crash into the ground, about 1km off the target. (I promise that I had hit the tank with rockets) I have tested the same with the A10 in DCS1.5x (test_a10trk). There the track seems to be correct. So right I think my PC seems to be ok. Can someone please try to find the same problem?? I have made some other videos in the past there i did not have that problem. But all other videos are only flying, and no shooting. Thank you grosswildjagd_2.trk test_a10trk.trk 4xleo.trk
  20. The force feedback is "wrong" at the FFB2 joystick. So if you trim, the x-axis (aileron) is moved in the joystick and the y-axis (pitch) is moved in the simulation. There is a "switch axis" button in the FF-settings to fix this.
  21. What is the amplitude of your oszillation? What is the frequency?
  22. Acc. To have donut you should use high speed hit and run tactics against the mig21 from a f104 standpoint. Don't get into a prolonged turning engagement. The mig max turn rate is better, so you can dump some energy to get a missilen of the rails. That's about the same as against a F4.
  23. By the way: There was even a development of a ski-landing gear. The main gear were ski´s, the nose gear stayed a wheel. It seemed to work perfectly....
  24. you can do about anything with the mig, if you ensure the radar stays off ---> use the mission editor to kill it --> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=155991
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