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  1. We've had our run ins with that kind of stuff too at the 44th. I think it's pretty wide-spread in this type of community.
  2. In lock on, 7-8 deg AOA works pretty good. Any higher than that and the slow speed modelling will screw with you. It's my understanding that the real thing is closer to 10-12 deg, but it's not measured in degrees, it's a different scale that LO does not model.
  3. A log book that accumulates hours / kills, etc, but instead of tracking "deaths", it resets! (you're virtual pilot dies!) Wouldn't that change hyperlobby tactics! Clouds that aren't always "close" to you. Clouds that actually had tops around 3-5000 (or whereever you set them) gives a feeling of altitude. In lomac, no matter where you set the clouds, they are always nearby. Airframe damage due to over stress. (flaps, etc) Hand signals / more head movement (for nodding) Formation lights
  4. Gotta watchem, I've seen guys unload fuel and fly at high speeds with their flaps down (which would likely rip them off of the real a/c) to give a turning advantage. I've actually seen alot of guys do this. Too bad they aren't concerned about their flight control surfaces or weather or not they have the gas to get home.
  5. I agree with you Cali - burn through (from what I believe to be true) seems pretty screwed up. That's why I suggested improvements to burn through as well as ECM. As far as tactics, that's true to an extent. I think you have a few groups: The air quakers that shoot till they are out of ammo then eject, the guys who just want to have some fun but are good/ honest people (nothing wrong with this group), and the group that want to fly as close to real as possible. Anytime all three of those groups end up in the same place - a fight is going to break out (nice huh?). I don't necessarily disagree with most people or their opinions on the ECM topic; however I think that the people that use this aren't all bad. They are doing what our real world counterparts would do - use everything at their disposal to defeat the bandit - and survive. Maybe ECM is porked, maybe it's the detection system that's porked - who knows. The only thing I can personally compare this to is Falcon, which modules ECM similar to the "blinkers"; the difference being the improved detection and burn through. Apples and oranges i know. I would like to see the ECM improved and detection so that the guy who uses it the wisest, gets the first launch. My two cents on a over-discussed topic.
  6. That's why the real world guys use the ECM pods - they hate dying! Wussies!
  7. I would like to see ECM further enhanced - as well as improvements in burn through and radar operations.
  8. Ah - that is just like ECM blinking ....:spam_laser:
  9. I bet they don't agree to not blink ECM !:smilewink:
  10. I agree - I wasn't trying to give the author of this thread a hard time, I just got a laugh thinking about the subject title. Using the term etiquette in a combat scenario made me think of the old days when soldiers would line up on the field nose to nose and shoot at one another - "gentlemanly". I'm thinking that terms like etiquette, gentleman, sportman have no place in today's combat.
  11. I bet real life fighter pilots would get a kick out of the term "ECM Etiquette".:doh:
  12. I think you should use it any way you see fit to try to keep the bandit from gaining the first launch - that's what it's for. Don't put too much stock into the anti-blinkers! lol
  13. Try looking here: http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl
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