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  1. DCS is way more popular today than it was way back when the current server browser was introduced. Success sometimes brings a need for changes. That’s a good thing. And this is a good idea.
  2. The screenshot message can't be disabled for a reason: taking screenshots was a known cheat in Flaming Cliffs. The screenshot message lets players know if another player is overusing the feature.
  3. Why? Medium does more than that. It also lowers visibility distance and LOD distance for urban areas and (I think) some structures. I need those lower settings. What I couldn't handle was the complete lack of trees in an already barren landscape. This way I have both--trees all over the place while not bogging down with the other stuff that comes with HIGH. Works just as I hoped, Eno. Thanks again.
  4. I'm in Bergen County and we never skipped a beat. (Condolences to those who faired worse). Took the XC skis out 4 times, did a lot of sledding with the little one. It's been fun.
  5. so far no mention on that thread if this is by intent.
  6. Fly Multiplayer on some servers today and you just might have seen 'em in action. Very cool!
  7. Don't know. No stuttering with either A10 or BS2 on my 5 yo PC with a very low-end 512 ATI 4850.
  8. Sorry I don't want to read this whole thread. I just want to add my G940/BS2 impressions. I did nothing with my BS2 install other than map 1 button for trim. It worked and felt EXACTLY like my G940 feels with BS1. The only difference seems to be that the mini-stick is now useable with the Skhval, which I never managed with BS1.
  9. Please bring her back! The English one? Well nothing against her but she kills the mood. I don't know, maybe it's the accent. But my Russian Betty? Ahh, she always sounds great. She's always cool under fire scolding me with that femine baritone that says, "I don't really care that you aren't listening". And of course I wasn't. It didn't matter that I didn't understand a word. We got along for four years and I honestly don't think I can handle a long-term relationship with this English speaking chick. Bring my Betty back ED, please!
  10. Great. Thanks. My initial question was due to an interest on my part to "dumb" the jet down to a A-10A using HARS and TISL. Of course there is no practical reason to do this other than to acquaint myself with lower levels of sophistication. So I was a little excited at the prospect of a working Pave Penny. I certainly appreciate the desire not to devote resources to modeling a little used system when there is so much else on the ToDo list. Still, t would be nice to see it someday. I think it would make for some interesting missions.
  11. What I meant by the question is can I receive a laser signature and drop on it without a TGP? Without TISL I didn't think this was possible. Thanks for the responses.
  12. • Laser guided bombs can now be released without TGP on board. Does this mean that the pave penny is now functional?
  13. Well I'm not at my PC but the game lets you assign any button or key as a modifier. So let's say you want S1 to be speedbrakes out and pinky-S1 to be speedbrakes in. First make pinky a modifier. Then when you assign speedbrakes in simply push the pinky and push S1. It works just like the Logi profiler but it's much easier to manage and change in the game. I no longer have any Logi button profiles.
  14. I have found that it works best to use the profiler for FFB, axis, and zone settings. For all else I use the in-game input setup. It gives you all the choices you get with the profiler, including shift, without the headaches.
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