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  1. Well, I guess you could turn the table mounts up side down, but that will only allow a 90° downward angle. You can not angle them up towards the pilot, but is might work well anyways.
  2. We hope mid July, but vacations might set us back a week or two.
  3. Are you referring to the DL being transmitted via Tacan? That might be the case, but even with DL turned of and the Tacan is on, we see DL contacts. That’s probably not the correct behavior.
  4. Well, you beat us in the world cup qualifiers, so I'll say we're even
  5. The image is taken from the AH-64D manual, so hopefully this is what the ED Apache will look like in the future. You can buy as a guest, but there will be an option to create an account upon checkout.
  6. Here are the first official photos of the frames.
  7. @NineLinewhat is the status on this? I think Bankler provided a perfectly good track here.
  8. Pre-purchase will start in may. Deliveries might take a moths after that. You will have to use M4 screws. They are positioned in a prefect square and it is exactly 206,5 mm between centrum of the holes. Hope that helps.
  9. I think you should start a new topic. This is related to a different bug.
  10. I multiplayer (where I tested), when Tacan is turned off the SA-page turns blank. No datalink contacts appear HMD, SA, or Radar-page. Is this right? I can provide a track if need. Should be pretty easy to replicate.
  11. Status update: The Apache MPD:s will launch as a pre-purchase in the second half of May. (We aim for this date.) There will be 290 units available, both a two pack bundle and single units. Price will be around 120-130€ each. There will be a bundle discount. VAT will be added in Europe. Deliveries will start ASAP, probably at least 4-6 weeks after orders are placed. Table mounts will be sold separately. All subscribers to our newsletter will be informed about the release three days in advance. All buyers will have to pay when the order is placed. This is to make sure that we do not get pre-orders that are cancelled. This is a premium product. Nothing is 3D-printed. It will look and feel as good or better than anything from other top brands. Questions? Fire away!
  12. I have also noticed that but I can not give you any precise answer regarding the angles or any distances. However we have moved the USB to the bottom side to keep it away from any Master Caution buttons.
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