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  1. I think I was mostly responding to Echo's advice and should have quoting him directly. The limitations of the systems are entirely sim based and not very realistic. In reality you'd be uploading your mission data to the aircraft, so you'd be preparing flight plans and saving them in an out of pit utility and uploading during start up (DTS upload). Mission editors can approximate this effect somewhat through the method HMA describes, but its really a work around and not very flexible if you're not the mission creator yourself. The simpler solution is also mentioned by HMA and that's to include the same points in all missions you make and therefore you have a common database of points to use and you plug those into flight plans as you need them during start up or later in the flight. The method for how to go about utilizing these points and the CDU tools like flight plans is another debate that I alluded to in my confusing post before.
  2. Scrolling through all your waypoints is inefficient, as is putting every created waypoint into a flight plan. Much simpler to just remember the names/numbers of your new waypoints and select them directly on the Steer Info page. The whole flight plan trick is just a way to bypass a lack of familiarity and proficiency with the systems. It means doing things in a pinch is not your practiced method and that you lose your confidence and situational awareness when things aren't already set up this way and leaves you open to task saturation as you try to get your overcomplicated set up of flight plan waypoints done when you should be flying the airplane. Flight plans are better used for planned segments of a flight, not for ad hoc target data management.
  3. That's why its prudent to use countermeasures during egress or ingress to the threat area. This is also why real pilots still rely on wingmen to spot SAM launches visually.
  4. AUTO is garbage. Never use it. It doesn't even work properly. The threat prioritization in the implementation of the RWR is all wrong. You can get locked by an SA-6 from beyond its firing range and the system won't change the program to account for the IR SAM it just detected underneath you. It will deploy countermeasures, but it'll be the stupid Chaff program. It just isn't smart and isn't anything like the real one. Its just bad. Manual all day long. I usually run with a combined program just in case.
  5. If you want a pretty solid basic breakdown/primer on 2 ship A-10 tactics definitely read his Bentwaters tactics guide on the same site. While it specifically focuses on the low level environment planned for the 80s Fulda Gap scenario the basics are the same with all A2G aircraft and can equally be applied to medium/high alt in principle.
  6. I've never seen this happen personally. I routinely change the HOF in the DSMS page before take off.
  7. Well the new login screen seems to reject the asterisk in my log in name so I can't install any of my modules, but I did get great frames on my potato rig in the rather unpopulated TF-51 missions. So far the GPU utilization is working like a charm.
  8. I can't log in using the correct name and pass so I can't install anything in module manager. I have a suspicion that there is some oversight in the coding for the login because my user name has an asterisk in it (Name: P*Funk) and if I re-open the login window the asterisk disappears from the auto-filled login name field as if it can't accept the character. I'm certain its the right name and password so I can only think that it refuses to acknowledge the character that must be used in the login. I've successfully logged into the e-shop and to the older DCS multiplayer client so I know I'm not entering it wrong.
  9. If I recall correctly that same package saw another F-16 shot down.
  10. Yea, go find somewhere else to play. If single seat tactical fighters could deal with LORAD without any support there wouldn't be SEAD.
  11. While we're throwing A-10 rules of thumb at the peanut gallery - Approach speed Rule of Thumb - 110 KIAS + 2 knots per 1000 lbs above 25000 lbs
  12. Here's good too. http://www.476vfightergroup.com/forumdisplay.php?43-Tactics-Techniques-and-Procedures
  13. That's because people fly like crap.
  14. Don't look too far back in time. I wasn't always this clever. :P I learned very much like you do, by reading the good stuff I could find in these forums as well as flying with clever people. Here's a few freebie links of cleverer people than me. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=99688 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=117350
  15. There's also the fact that the A-10 in the 70s almost certainly lacked the benefits of modern CCIP and PAC. Given the spotty accuracy of the reported tests I find it hard to believe they weren't using manual aiming methods.
  16. I am going to assume either user error in setting up the aircraft or a keybinding issue.
  17. I'm sorry what war was it where Air to Ground assets were restricted to a 40 000 foot hard deck? None? That's right. Well the issue is twofold. I know that the accuracy of the GAU 8 in DCS is inconsistent with its rated dispersion in real life so I would presume its similarly undermodeled in FC. Also the Lock on family has the issue that vehicles don't die until their health runs out so you have no real option of seeing the effect of a mobility kill or a mission kill from de-tracking or shattering optics. The Lock on/FC/DCS damage model for ground units is pretty binary and not reflective of the complexities of real life.
  18. Its actually, from bottom to top, Best Range, Best Endurance, then approach speed AOA. For best climb just pitch for 200 knots minus 1 knot for every 1000 feet above MSL.
  19. What a fantastically inefficient method of SEAD!
  20. Stock Car Extreme is my favourite. No other sim gives me a sense of control and feel for what the car is doing like that sim.
  21. I imagine this is almost certainty a result of the gear down drag effect, if its a genuine thing at all.
  22. Has anyone demonstrated that LASTE wind should have any effect in compensating for the parachute submunition drift?
  23. Yea, thats the Scorpion HMCS. Much tidier system compared to JHMCS.
  24. I wanna see the F-111 just for the ejection system.
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