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  1. Cannot reproduce. Can you give more info?
  2. I love this! Do you have any sources for these? Are you planning on adding more systems? Would you mind if we incorporated it into the module itself?
  3. "- Added --quiet option for no-questions-asked updates." Thanks ED!
  4. Thanks for the report and replay. I love the replay-system in DCS and when bugs are reported with a replay, it's very helpful for fixing.
  5. Official documentation containes surprisingly often small errors, especially illustrations. My guess is that is what this is.
  6. Uhh just checked the implementation and M1 will apparently be interpreted as a target-waypoint (Målbrytpunkt) and not a recce point. MR1 is however still a recce-point. Possibly the implementation changed since the manual was written or just a mistake. I think maybe M1 as waypoint would make more sense since it’s way more often used.
  7. No since reference altitude wasn’t stored in the cartridge. My educated guess is that altitude wasn’t really in the mission plan since it would always be lowest possible in the AJS.
  8. IIRC in the documentation and presentation M1 refers to recce-point.
  9. Yes to all your questions except that there are not digital readout. Reference altitude is not stored in the cartridge, it’s always set to 500 after take-off.
  10. It’s just accepted spelling variants. M1 and MP1 is however not the same thing (former is reconnaissance target while the later is target-waypoint). It’s not my fault SAAB decided to name two things that are not the same (while similar) almost the same name.
  11. Could you report this in the general DCS section? Perhaps here: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/bugs-and-problems-ai/general-questions-ac ??? Thanks!
  12. BK90 targets currently selected waypoint but there are no requirements as to what type of waypoint.
  13. See here https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/licensed-third-party-projects/heatblur-simulations/dcs-ajs37-viggen/bugs-and-problems-az/7112809-fixed-multiplayer-data-cartridge-player-name-with-special-character-causes-crash and here https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/licensed-third-party-projects/heatblur-simulations/dcs-ajs37-viggen/bugs-and-problems-az/291896-fixed-ajs-37-c-error-ctd Sorry about this
  14. Hopefully fixed in next patch of DCS or the one after that. Thanks for reporting!
  15. I have hopefully fixed the issue and will upload the patch to ED server in a little while. Unsure if it will make the next update of DCS World, otherwise it will be the one after that. Sorry about this.
  16. Wait, are you in sidewinder fast-select mode? Saw that it only shuts down the HUD in nav and landing-mode but the code didn't check for sidewinder fast select mode. Fixed now. Thanks for the report!
  17. To prevent the hud from rapidly shutting on and off again it shuts down at +/- 15 degrees and starts again at +/- 12 degrees or something like that. I believe its aircrafts climb/dive angle and not pitch angle also.
  18. Viggen radios and Mission Editor The pre-set channels are set on spawn of the aircraft in DCS. I don’t think it’s possible for the pilot to change them (ie after take off) in the real aircraft. Maybe you can work around it by having the AWACS activate but have some kind of holding waypoint?
  19. Every flight should show up in the list. Is the AWACS set to late activation?
  20. Did you press it repeatedly or held it? It is gradual
  21. Is the night filter on in the picture? The screen should turn red
  22. Somewhere around the left side of the screen IIRC. Either that or as a control binding.
  23. You get the error because the airbase you are starting on is not the same as the one you have set in the computer, at least when I replay your track. I can't see on my end where you put your mark points. Did you set a LS waypoint? If so, try not to (it will default to whatever was in the computer previously, i e load your current airfield as start point).
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