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  1. As some might have noticed, ArturDCS has added DCSFP support for the Logitech Heavy, or Farming, Equipment Side Panel. Even though this panel can be programmed directly in DCS, the ability to use DCS-BIOS commands adds great functionality. I designed an overlay for the Side Panel that can be made with a 3D printer or, if you are familiar with SketchUp, the design file can be used to make a simple paper overlay with button assignments. Here is a link to the 3D print design on Thingivrese: Heavy Equipment Side Panel Overlay The download files on Thingiverse include both the 3D print files and the SketchUp design file. Thanks, Paul (a.k.a. Skeeter)
  2. Thank you, RustBelt. I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, this deck would be pretty tough to run on anything smaller than a 10" or so tablet. Paul
  3. For those unfamiliar with MATRIC, it is a utility that allows you to send keyboard commands from a smartphone or tablet to your PC. I have moved the entire Jester menu (referred to as a "deck") to this app. Long keyboard command strings, or numerous head-turns and clicks, have been reduced to a few presses of the tablet screen. A good example is "Scan Altitude at Distance." Seven keyboard commands, or seven head rotations and clicks, have been reduced to two presses of the tablet screen. Similar reductions are in the areas of entering lat/long waypoints, tuning the radio and so on. Here is a short video of the app in action. It goes by quick, but you can see tablet screen presses and what's happening in the cockpit: Jester in MATRIC In order to do this, I had to list all Jester command strings in a spreadsheet. Here is a link to that file: Jester Menu in Excel Spreadsheet Link to MATRIC website: MATRIC Link to Jester deck on MATRIC: Jester Deck Below are some screenshots. I hope this will prove useful to some F-14 pilots. Thanks, Paul (a.k.a. Skeeter) P.S. -- If you are using TrackIR, or similar, and head movements to make Jester selections now, you will have to disable this feature in the "Jester AI Contract" list within the F-14 "Special" settings. Otherwise, erroneous selections get made as this app goes through its macros.
  4. To Moderator -- Please move this post into the F-14 forum. I can't seem to delete and repost this myself. Thanks, Paul
  5. To the best of my ability I have broken out the entire F-14 Jester menu into an Excel spreadsheet. This file in-and-of-itself might be useful if someone wants to quickly find the required keystrokes for any given command and create a macro. However, my ultimate goal is to move the Jester menu to a tablet PC using a utility called Matric (http://www.matricapp.com). This will take some time, so I wanted to at least post the spreadsheet for now. In any given row, the keystroke string begins with either an "A" or "LCTRL-*." Anything preceding that is descriptive. Some commands can't be pre-programmed in a macro as the final keystroke could be dynamic, e.g. preset radio channels. In those cases, one would have to use the Jester menu manually for that final command (i.e. a macro could be used to get to that point quickly). Overall, I think the spreadsheet should be self-explanatory, but please ask if anything isn't clear. Download link: Jester Menu I hope this is helpful. Paul
  6. Thanks AlaskanGrizzy, you're probably right. I can work around this for now. Hopefully ED will have a fix in time. Kneeboard Builder is a great utility. Thanks for the time you put into it. Paul
  7. Thank you for the response, but it's still not working. I did everything you suggested, and a full, or long, DCS repair and still no go. The kneeboard with images and the empty frame still appear on different monitors. One thing to note, if I don't create a custom profile after doing the clear and repair, the kneeboard gets stuck to the lower right of the monitor. I can't move it. I have to create a new profile move the kneeboard from that lower right corner. At the point, I will see both the kneeboard and the empty frame, all moved to the left.
  8. I installed the latest version and the program will now open. However, in-game the kneeboard appears in one area of the screen and an empty frame with the kneeboard controls appears on another area of the screen I can move both by clicking on the frame and dragging, but not by clicking on the kneeboard (the part with the pages showing). I am running multiple monitors, so the kneeboard images appear on one monitor and the empty frame appears on another monitor. See attached screenshot. You will have to enlarge the image to see the empty frame just over the HUD. Thanks, Paul
  9. I have been experimenting with the JTAC mod and found that I can't get a ground-based HMMWV to call out a target when using an FM channel (28 & 30 tested). However, I can get an HMMWV to call out its target when using an AM channel (124 in my case). I was careful to make sure I was on the correct radio in-game when testing. I made sure the HMMWVs had LOS on their targets. Also, I can't get an airborne JTAC (Reaper) to work at all, whether on AM or FM. Should airborne JTACs work with this mod? The issue with the HMMWV is not really a problem, but I would like to be able to use airborne JTACs if at all possible. Thanks, Paul
  10. I'm afraid I have to ask for a spoiler regarding this mission (9). After I fly to the area of the enemy camp I'm told to fly no further. I stopped and went into a hover. Then nothing. I realized I was a little further than 10 km away from the markpoint (066), so I started to approach it at a slow pace. I had not yet detected the enemy camp. Next thing I knew, I'm getting shot down by manpads. Was I supposed to wait in hover for a command to attack after being told to stop? Thanks.
  11. I was not able to get a "Mission Complete" with this mission (Mission 7, First Luck). I did everything as instructed as far as I know. After picking up the package, successfully, and dropping it off at the plant where the green smoke was, and within the landing circle, I did not get a notice that said the package was successfully dropped off. Nevertheless, I flew back to my starting point, well outside of the trigger zone noted in a post above, but never got the message complete notice. I ended the mission and checked the logbook.lua file. I was given a 60% completion. I guess this is just FYI as I will move on to the next mission. However, if I did something wrong, it would be interesting to know what that was. Thaanks, Paul
  12. Just a quick note of apology for being overly critical of this campaign. I am enjoying flying the missions and learning a lot as I go along. In fact, I'm about to go move some cargo right now. Thanks, Paul
  13. @szadok -- I can't speak for ArturDCS, but I seriously doubt we'll ever have FIP support for DCS. It's a very difficult thing to do and we never were able to get it working properly. With regard to the PZ70 panel, it's also unlikely to get LED control. Regarding turning off all LED displays and or lights, as on the Switch Panel, I use the Logitech test utilities. When you run these, the LEDs go through a test pattern. When you close the utilities, the panels go dark. I hope this helps. Thanks, Paul
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