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  1. Hi the last couple of weeks we have had an issue with a multiplayer mission (circa 20 players) on Caucuses . When the mission started the AI ground units appear but then seconds later disappear, this was observed on Tacview during investigations. It happened a second time with 6 players on Syria. Not sure if anyone can suggest what may be the issue? Thanks Neal
  2. Hi LucShep thanks. I had already ordered another 32gb ram. The Gpu will have to wait until the prices drop; its a principle thing. I was hoping that the cpu would be good for a bit, DCs only ever seems to use circa 30% neal
  3. Hi All I have an Intel i9 9900K, purchased late 2019. I usually upgrade my DCS pc every 3-5 years, but with costs so high I have to question the benefit. I have a 2080 as well. I am not an AMD fan so I am considering intel, so is there any real benefit to upgrade cpu to current gen? The benchmarks say a big improvement, but I only use this pc for DCS. Thanks
  4. Hi, where do I change the settings to 60Hz? Ta
  5. I would go for the Apache; there is loads to do for both seats and more importantly you have to work as a team to get the best out of it. Neal
  6. Hi In the A10cII when in the HMD the compass tap indicates the direction that the pilot is looking. In the Apache it is fixed to the direction of travel for the aircraft. Is it possible to switch the IHADSS to the direction of view? Neal
  7. Hi Fargo007 I am incorporating your wonderful script into a mission for Apache, would you be able to advise on likley delivery of version 8 please? Thanks Neal
  8. Nope, set it to 40.8, see human error, cant read our tune a radio Thanks Neal
  9. Hi on mission1, as I approach the HQ it asked me to push the space bar for comms, nothing happens? I am sure I have tuned the radio and even turned it on! Almost certainly human error, but not sure what that could be? Thanks Neal
  10. I have started to play this mission in Syria and it is very impressive. The foundation this script provides is really exciting. Thank you. Neal
  11. Where do you plug in the usb c? I have had issues with my connection on my motherboard?
  12. I assume you have selected the VR pre-set as a starting point?
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