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  1. Any plans to add skins for 1-10th ARB or 6-6 CAV, which are still flying Delta models, today?
  2. It'll be on the top row of the PCA once you go to rocket sub-mode (Weapon CMD FWD).
  3. Depending on how long is "looong", a lot has changed. Like, a lot a lot. First! Revisit your control mapping. Some buttons were redone/named and previous controls were lost. Is your loadout without 530s? They cause an error if equipped with air to ground. Is TAS and/or RS selected in the PCA? Rocket External and/or Internal pylons selected (I believe they default on)? It's probably a typo, but to clarify, it is the "Weapons SystemCMD FWD". By reading your post, it sounds like you did everything correctly. There must be something small, like you said.
  4. This is amazing! Thank you, so much.
  5. Fixed mine to be 3-positions. This is the scripting I use for the flaps: MapKey(&Throttle, FLAPU, FlapsCruise); MapKeyR(&Throttle, FLAPU, FlapsAuto); MapKeyR(&Throttle, FLAPD, FlapsAuto); MapKey(&Throttle, FLAPD, FlapsSTOL); These are my definitions: define FlapsCruise PULSE+R_SHIFT+'f' define FlapsAuto PULSE+R_CTL+'f' define FlapsSTOL PULSE+R_ALT+'f'
  6. Are you using the GUI or the Script Editor? In the Editor, I use MapKeyR for my switch from up to middle or down to middle. When I get home today, I'll post the code.
  7. Thank you for completing this correction.
  8. Is there any way to run this as a multi-crew and keep the campaign results going?
  9. Adding my support to make this an options, just like chaff and flare dispensers on other modules.
  10. When recording VR mirror images, the raw video shakes. Oculus has implemented a smoothing but only works with their headset. LIV ( https://liv.tv ) has developed a free program that works with other SteamVR games to smooth that video mirroring. Please support this developer by adding the LIV SDK, if able. ...or... Please implement a native VR mirror stabilization.
  11. @71st_Mastiff, not going to lie, that wasn't the breed of dog I'd expect to see on your desktop
  12. I believe the ladder shows when you first spawn in, at least it used to. It disappeared over a short amount of time or once you do something in startup, I'm not sure what triggered it. It might be a static aircraft setting, like the remove before flight items on the MiG-21. I don't play in the editor, much. I'm not sure if that option is still available to put the VTB on the helmet, I did it once I saw that video, too. The lowering of the shield still works, I use it for immersion, search for "Visor" in the controls.
  13. Lol, I wondered where that list went.
  14. Are the weapons powered up? I noticed it's just the Y if it's not powered up. Long up press with the Y visible. Nope, I am now seeing the same Y with no boxes in our server.
  15. Purely a guess, maybe the "Hide boxes in Pilot AI menu'?
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