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    My wish is for a "TACTICAL AIR WAR SUPPORT SORTIE COMBAT STUDY SIM" in Single Player!

    Not just a "Military Air Craft Collector Multi-Player Junkie Sim"!

    Its why Falcon 4.0 is a great sim - http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?53

    & https://www.pmctactical.org/f4/falcon-4-pmc-theaters.php
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    Love Flight Sims
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    Flight sims are dying so I'm moving onto 4WD Clubs more pleasant to meet people face to face!
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  1. A few years ago we were told no we won't have the F-16 or the F-18 or even a CARRIER and now we have them.... LoL Eventually like in MSFS we will have a materialization of the F-35, so time is the essence - the wait is the pain in sims! Mean while check - out VIPERWINGS F-35 HOME COCKPIT BUILD here - http://www.viperwing.com/ VIPERWING MSFS YOUTUBE DEMO REAL LIFE COMPARISON DEMONSTRATION
  2. I think it was a good move.......... there is just more that can be done to the sim!
  3. "ED DCS WORLD" - to have commercial aviation and military all in one sim would be my dream! A cost saver as well imagine! +1 yeah for sure Cessna C172 is just the start!
  4. To have open options to select on/off via menu's is best for a wider player base. My take on ED DCS WORLD AS A COMBAT SIM with DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN in SINGLE PLAYER - WAR - A.i - RED vs BLUE - TRAINING is........ *** TERMS AND MEANINGS *** THE BATTLE SPACE OR THEATER OF OPERATIONS - Battlespace or battle-space is a term used to signify a unified military strategy to integrate and combine armed forces for the military theatre of operations, including air, information, land, sea, cyber and outer space to achieve military goals. WAR - 1. a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country: "Japan declared war on Germany" ▪ a state of competition or hostility between different people or groups: "she was at war with her parents" ▪ a sustained campaign against an undesirable situation or activity: "the authorities are waging war against smuggling" AERIAL WARFARE - Aerial warfare Aerial warfare is the battlespace use of military aircraft and other flying machines in warfare. Aerial warfare includes bombers attacking enemy installations or a concentration of enemy troops or strategic targets; fighter aircraft battling for control of airspace; attack aircraft engaging in close air support against ground targets; naval aviation flying against sea and nearby land targets; gliders, helicopters and other aircraft to carry airborne forces such as paratroopers; aerial refueling tankers to extend operation time or range; and military transport aircraft to move cargo and personnel. Historically, military aircraft have included lighter-than-air balloons carrying artillery observers; lighter-than-air airships for bombing cities; various sorts of reconnaissance, surveillance and early warning aircraft carrying observers, cameras and radar equipment; torpedo bombers to attack enemy shipping; and military air-sea rescue aircraft for saving downed airmen. Modern aerial warfare includes missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. Surface forces are likely to respond to enemy air activity with anti-aircraft warfare. STRATEGIC - 1. relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them: "strategic planning for the organization is the responsibility of top management" 2. relating to the gaining of overall or long-term military advantage: "Newark Castle was of strategic importance" TACTICAL - 1. relating to or constituting actions carefully planned to gain a specific military end: "as a tactical officer in the field he had no equal" 2. showing adroit planning; aiming at an end beyond the immediate action: "in a tactical retreat, she moved into a hotel with her daughters" MILITARY JOINT OPERATIONS TRAINING - Military exercise A military exercise or war game is the employment of military resources in training for military operations, either exploring the effects of warfare or testing strategies without actual combat. Exercises in the 20th century have often been identified by a unique codename in the same manner as military contingency operations and combat operations. * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Military_exercises_involving_the_United_States ONLINE INFO:- In Development - Dynamic Campaign Engine For DCS World The DCS World Dynamic Campaign Engine combines a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) engine with military forces and economics layers (production, logistics, use and transfer of resources) that pitch two opposing sides aided by advanced strategic and tactical AI. We have now completed the core RTS logic and have connected it to DCS World. We are currently finalising the basics of the in-game economic models. We will be working on the combat tasking logic and certain win-win situations in the near future. The last stage will be the Client - Server architecture needed to support large campaigns with on-going online sessions. We are certain that you will have many detailed questions and look forward to revealing more information on this module as and when we are in position to demonstrate some of the features live. **** Online source:- https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/223750/view/2721816081725871826 https://forum.dcs.world/topic/53393-dynamic-campaign-discussion-thread/page/49/#comment-4802798
  6. The original TOP GUN movie wasn't a USAF unclassified training or documentary release either, it was a fictional movie with a Hollywood story line with clever camera cut scenes and Hollywood thematic montages, why do people critique TOP GUN 2 expecting any different from the first LoL I am going to watch it and enjoy it very soon.................
  7. Similar to that I guess I would like if ever the ARH TIGER -
  8. F-16 is a different platform but as to why the F-18c stands our for me. IS THE F-18'S HIGH AOA CHARACTERISTICS DUE TO ITS HIGH MANEUVERABILITY THRUST TO WEIGHT RATIO.
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