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  1. +1 A great story with a sad end...
  2. Oh thanks, I was not aware about these Quickstart Guides. I usually use the chuck's guides but I'll have a look at these as well. Thanks again, mate.
  3. Thanks mate, PM sent. We were chatting about the Portuguese Air Force liveries for the Viper. My apologies for the off topic, guys.
  4. Boas fagulha, obrigado pela oferta. Claro que quero uma pintura da nossa FAP. Ainda não iniciei os treinos no F16 mas agora já tenho um excelente motivo para começar a investir tempo para aprender!: ) Grande abraço, trindade
  5. Interesting tutorial for beginners, like me. Thanks Tom. Any chance to upload a pdf version? Cheers
  6. Many thanks for the doc Victory.
  7. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P. S!
  8. Thanks for the explanation Rudel, now it makes sense.
  9. I use my laptop most of the time because i'm away of my gaming desktop during the week. Honestly I don't know the answer, not much a tech guy, sorry... Anyway an external ssd is not an option right now because of the costs... I still find bit strange so many space just for a default map and no modules but I guess I'll have to accept the fact that for now no DCS for me. Many thanks hornblower and Rudel for your kind assistance.
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