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  1. 56 minutes ago, Emacs said:

    What a read !
    I can recommend spending the few minutes to read through that pilot's account.


    +1 A great story with a sad end...

  2. 17 minutes ago, Черный Дракул said:

    Each DCS module comes with 2 manuals -- 

    Mods\aircraft\<Name>\Doc\<Name> Flight Manual <Language>.pdf
    Mods\aircraft\<Name>\Doc\<Name> QuickStart Guide <Language>.pdf

    I am talking about the latter. It usually holds all the necessary procedures to jumpstart with the jet -- how to start, how to navigate, how to shoot, etc. 


    Oh thanks, I was not aware about these Quickstart Guides. I usually use the chuck's guides but I'll have a look at these as well. Thanks again, mate.

  3. 1 hour ago, fagulha said:

    Olá Trindade,


    Tens pinturas da FAP? se quiseres tenho umas que posso partilhar, não são 4k e não têm assim tantos detalhes como algumas pinturas que tenho mas são da nossa FAP.



    Um abraço,



    Boas fagulha, obrigado pela oferta. Claro que quero uma pintura da nossa FAP. Ainda não iniciei os treinos no F16 mas agora já tenho um excelente motivo para começar a investir tempo para aprender!: )


    Grande abraço,



  4. On 1/9/2021 at 11:59 PM, TomOnSteam said:

    This is an introductory beginners guide for the F-16. If you have not flown the F-16 yet and just want to get in and get a taste for what's like to fly this legendary plane and shoot down an enemy in mere minutes, then this is the guide for you 🙂





    Interesting tutorial for beginners, like me. Thanks Tom. Any chance to upload a pdf version?



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  5. 55 minutes ago, Art-J said:

    For me updating drivers, disabling mods, removing all stuff in Saved Games except ctrl config and logbook didn't help initially - the game was still always crashing when loading the second mission (for the record I was switching only between Instant Caucasus missions - free flight for P-51D and hot start for TF-51D).


    Tried disabling the Full Screen option suggested above and I can confirm - it seems to have solved the issue on my PC as well.


    The problem is - I NEED Full Screen ON for the V-Sync to work, but here comes the strange part - when I Alt-Enter during the first mission to force the game to go Full Screen after all - DCS remains stable actually and doesn't crash when loading multiple next missions (don't have to repeat Alt-Entering anymore).


    To sum it up:

    a) FS option ON - crashfest;

    b) FS option OFF but FS is enabled later by Alt-Enter'ing once - haven't experienced any crash (so far). 


    I hope it helps some of the other guys too.


    Unfortunately doesn't work for me

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  6. I use my laptop most of the time because i'm away of my gaming desktop during the week. Honestly I don't know the answer, not much a tech guy, sorry... Anyway an external ssd is not an option right now because of the costs...

    I still find bit strange so many space just for a default map and no modules but I guess I'll have to accept the fact that for now no DCS for me.

    Many thanks hornblower and Rudel for your kind assistance.

  7. Last night I installed the default map only and got a 74gb folder. Is this normal? I was thinking about 20, 30 gbs but 74!? I searched for temporary installation files but found none on the downloads folder. Is this size correct. My gaming laptop doesn't have much space and I was planning just the default Caucasus map and 1 or 2 modules to do some trainning.

  8. Lights in the cockpit were adjusted in the patch as we were informed about the upcoming changes in day / night lightning levels. They are not particularly visible during the day due to overall game brightness increase. We can do nothing about light levels in the game and if we tweak each light for the day, they will be impossibly bright at night (in fact at night its already required to switch to night mode, but now it makes sense).

    So they did not disappear, they are just barely visible as everything is lit by daylight.



    In my personal opinion I think the cockpit lights are much better now. Yeah they are almost invisible during the day but at night they do their job so I'm glad with the update. Exterior lights are much better either. Keep the good work guys.


  9. Hello,



    I've just received an email from DCS asking to change my password. Is this a legit request? I'm asking because I never received any request like this. I've no problem changing my password but I don't want to have problems on my account.



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